Your bag, your statement….

Bluefly Bag Language


We all know that the way we dress is an expression of our personality. From what colors you wear to the kind of accessories you team with your overall look! So what does your bag say about you? Are you classic, edgy or a risk taker? The bag you carry can say a lot even before you say a word.



Bluefly Bag Chanel


A Chanel black quilted lambskin bag, says “I’m classy and only carry the essentials.” You’re willing to sacrifice clutter in your bag for the ultimate in designer style! This bag also screams elite and high class. With a Chanel carry-all you show you know your labels and can carry yourself with confidence; just like Coco Chanel herself.




Bluefly Bag LV


Louis Vuitton! Who doesn’t love this classic staple bag?

This bag says you always come ready for anything that life throws your way! Always leaving the house with everything but the kitchen sink, just like a girl scout herself, you’re always prepared!




Bluefly Bag Fendi


Now if you find yourself reaching for a neon purse… then you’re one who loves live and lives it loud! Just like this one from Fendi, you go for a bag that’s bold, bright and has intriguing detail on it!


So the next time you grab your bag think about what statement you are making to the world that day!



Bluefly OxBlood Trend


Featuring heavily in the latest fall collections to hit the runway, oxblood it’s quickly becoming the new neutral! Easy to wear, works back with a range of other colors and suits any skin tone! Yup, that’s right, it’s time to embrace this beautiful berry hue!


From designer dresses and statement stables, to leather accessories and trim detailing, oxblood is everywhere and can be worn anywhere! Dress it up, dress it down, the styling options are endless!


Need some wardrobe inspiration? Here are our buyer’s top must-have picks for sporting this oxblood trend this fall:


Bluefly Oxblood Accessories

portolano gloves,  badgley mischka bag, a.v.max necklace, madison harding boots
Bluefly Oxblood Apparel
alice & olivia dress, cole haan coat




Suit Up…

Bluefly Mens Suit


Purchasing your next suit is always an important investment, you want to pick the right cut, color and fit that can easily transform from ‘boardroom ready’ to ‘client meeting mingling’. Here are our top three tips to getting your suit situation sorted:


1. THE FIT – a perfectly tailored suit can make all the difference! Baggy and oversize is out and a more fitted cut is in! Opt for a slimmer style suit and take it to your tailor to perfect the fit. Pay careful attention to your sleeve and pant leg length, no one wants to look like their suit shrunk in the wash!


2. THE COLOR & FABRIC – to ensure your suit goes the distance, look at a tone more inline with your shirt colors and accessories. We suggest going for a rich navy or dark charcoal as it’s hard to go wrong when teaming back colors with these! With the colder months lying ahead of us, invest wisely in a wool blend suit. This will cut the chill in winter but also see you through to the warmer months as the fabric can breath. Sometimes it’s worth spending that little bit extra for a suit you can wear year round!


3. THE STYLING – get comfortable with dressing up and dressing down your suit! Putting on a shirt and tie is a no brainer so think beyond this! For the winter months have fun with layering colorful cashmere sweaters and sleek puffer jackets! You’ll stay stylish and warm all at the same time! Also, think about additional finishing touches such as pocket squares, leather belts, cuff links,  tie pins and socks! It’s the attention to detail that could make the difference between sealing the deal or not!


Now you’ve got the tips, it’s time to get shopping! Click here to see the latest and greatest suits on Bluefly. Also check out all our range of suit-worthy accessories here.


Winter Warmers…

Bluefly Winter Coats


Finally it’s cold out! Which means coats, scarfs, hats, gloves, oh my! Now when it comes to picking a winter coat that will keep you warm and stylish throughout the colder months, there are some important things to consider:


1. Length- Make sure you pick the correct length for your height. Getting this right will make a huge difference, the right length will make sure your arms are covered and that you’re not drowning in you a coat.


- If you are 5’ 5” and under keep the length of you coat right to the middle of your thigh.  Anything lower will make you look frumpy and anything shorter will cut off your body at the wrong point. If you are choosing a longer trench coat, keep it 2-3 inches past your knees. This will give the illusion that your knee starts a little higher then where it really does (it’s almost magic!)
Bluefly Caramel Coat - Long


- If you’re taller and want a short coat, make sure to leave 4 inches between your knee and where the coat begins. This will make sure there is proper coverage for the length of your body. If a trench coat is more your style, aim for the middle of your calf when it comes to the length. Cutting your body at the knees can make you look boxy, which is not a cute look.

Bluefly - Long Winter Coat - Tall

2. Fit
- Get the shape right!  If you want to give your body additional shape, opt for a coat with a belt around the waist, this will give you instant curves! Woo yeah! If it’s a more shapeless fit, make sure the coat has some detail or intricate stitching to add interest to your look!

Bluefly - Fitted Winter Coat

3. Color– Try branching out from the traditional black coat! Electric blue, light grey and even ox-blood make for a great way to liven up your winter wardrobe! If you want to play it safe, opt for a more neutral tone such as khaki or tan so it will match back with anything and everything!

Bluefly Color Combo - Winter Coats

So there it is, your top tips to keep in mind when buying your dream coat this winter! Staying stylish and cozy at the same time, it can be done!






What does the word ‘FASHION’ mean to you?



Closet Confessions: Karla Martinez De Salas…



Where do you get your inspiration from? For W Magazine’s Fashion and Accessories Director, Karla Martinez De Salas her inspiration comes from her travels and her Southwestern roots.  Karla is the latest trend-setter to be featured in Bluefly’s Closet Confessions series. Being granted exclusive access, we takeyou into her beautiful SoHo apartment filled with pieces that show her worldliness and her well-rounded style.




Stepping into Karla’s marvelous closet we get access to her personal style, which she refers to as “twisted classic.” Giving us a peak into her eclectic style and designer pieces we get to see not only in her amazing wardrobe but also insight into her stylish home. Karla survives her busy work schedule in a comfortable yet fashionable way.  Her must-haves to make her day go by smoothly include; a bright lipstick, a moisturizer and of course comfortable shoes. For Karla, comfort is the key to making an outfit work!




Join us as we follow Karla through her hectic schedule during New York Fashion Week and get your insiders look at her super stylish closet. Click here to watch her full Closet Confession!


Karla also joins an impressive line-up of Belle & Clive curators with her exclusive selection of must-have items this fall! You can shop her style here.




Beauty Bust…



We sit down with the talented and amazing Matthew Sky of Next Artists (and resident beauty extraordinaire to Bluefly) to get all the latest beauty tips for this season.



This season it’s all about the berry lips – creamy, matte lips! Gloss is out and the lipstick is in! To get the look right you have to remember you want a less reflective look and one that will stay on all day long!  Try for a nice bright cherry or berry lipstick that will make an impact. For those who don’t want to go for a lipstick but still want to follow the trend, our expert says, “go for either a lip butter in a Plum or Rose, Korres make a fantastic  one or a lip stain, Sephora has a good one for a great price!”. Just remember make sure it’s a matt finish not a gloss!



Don’t cake it on girls! Keep your foundation to a minimum and rock a more natural and youthful look. With your standout berry stained lips, you only need a small amount of coverage to ensure balance. When it comes to blush, same rule applies, keep it minimal! With the colder months approaching feel comfortable knowing that your skin will be lighter in the winter months. Embrace this and don’t overdo the bronzer or blush, it won’t look natural and this is the look you are going for!

When choosing colors, find ones that are harmonious to you and look organic! It must work with your skin. It’s not always about following the trend, but finding a color within the trend that works for you. Feel comfortable testing out makeup and different shades, have fun with it! Also remember, “If your make up looks like you took more than five minutes on it, then you spent too much time on it! It should look effortless!” Enhance your natural features without putting too much product on, this is the trick. Our expert says still feel free to build your makeup throughout the day and create a more dramatic look at night.



Cara or no Cara, the fuller brows are back and it’s time to ditch the tweezers!  Our expert gives us the top tips on how to create the ultimate in full brows this fall!

-       Tip 1: Remember to continue with your natural shape. Don’t go trying to create a shape for your brow that is not natural for your face! Follow the shape you have and if thin, extend the shape with a fine pencil but do not create anything away from your brows natural shape. “It’s about taking the shape you have and enhancing it,” our expert says. Don’t tweeze your brows into something that you don’t naturally have!

-       Tip 2: If you don’t naturally have a full brow, you can enhance your brow with a dark brow gel or even clear mascara to mold a more thicker shape.  Our expert claims the clear mascara to be his secret weapon when creating the ultimate brow. Well maybe it was his secret weapon, not anymore!

-       Tip 3:  You can use an eye powder and go over your brows to give a more natural and fuller brow, if needed. Stick to neutral shades such as an espresso brown or a taupe, this will create the right effect.

-       Tip 4: remember it’s not the 80’s or 90’s brow but a more 70’s brow! Think Marqaux Hemingway! And no arched brows please!


Well there you go! Your top three tips from our Bluefly beauty expert!  Now go have fun and try out these fall beauty trends.




Emerging talent…



This week the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office hosted a fashion presentation, PRAXES, for three emerging Taiwan fashion designers. PRAXES is a fashion incubator program offering Taipei-based fashion brands and professionals New York City industry experience and industry support, immersing them in the full fashion world of design, marketing, sales and management.


Head designer for the playful knitwear line Twinkle by Wenlan, Wenlan Chia came up with a way to give young Taiwan designers just starting out in the states a chance at real connections and experience. PRAXES was born and has lead up to this fabulous spring 2014 presentation. Models were presented at the top of the stairs of the cultural office wearing the individual designers one at a time and then later mingled with the crowd of stylish press and buyers.


One of the designers, Jamie Xiang Tseng, of Accrochez said he designs for a downtown Rooney Mara type: “very sporty, very street wear. Something different but very wearable.” He succeeded with pleated, colorblock silk chiffon day dresses with loose, lightly distressed boyfriend cardigans. The look was lightweight and fresh with a slight edge.


Evan Tsai of Cynical Cheri points out his muse is Lana Del Rey, admiring her mix of “mystery, arrogance and satire.” The bamboo and mountain top prints danced across modern silk silhouette pants and dresses. You could indeed see a modern woman working this line into her wardrobe.


In fact, all the collections were exciting, fresh and new and ones we’ll definitely be keeping our Bluefly eye on.




Fall fashion: what we’re wearing…



As the temperature starts to drop, we can begin to get excited about all things fall! Goodbye to those stinking hot summer days, sunburns, constant stress to get the ultimate bikini body and the need to take several showers a day just to stay fresh! We are ready and excited for fall!


One trend we will be sporting all season long are cute print cashmere sweaters. From french hens and happy hippos to rock star stars and guitars! Simply team with your favorite pair of jeans, pop on some ballet flats and you have got yourself one easy and stylish fall look!












Introducing Bluefly’s latest Closet Confessors, indie-rock duo, Tegan & Sara! Lucky enough to catch the busy sisters while on tour with fun. they show us their take on dressing like a rock star and the ultimate ‘fashion survival guide’ for a traveling wardrobe.




Granted exclusive backstage access into their ‘very fancy trailer’, the duo share with us their love of designers including Miu Miu, Rag & Bone, BCBG, and more. From skinny jeans, baggy tops and statement designer jackets, they show how their style has certainly evolved from the tragic trends of the early 90’s!





Now grab your VIP pass, head backstage and watch Tegan & Sara’s Closet Confession here.


Love their look? Shop some of their favorite designers and must-have items exclusively on Belle & Clive! Start shopping here.