Closet Confessions: Karla Martinez De Salas…



Where do you get your inspiration from? For W Magazine’s Fashion and Accessories Director, Karla Martinez De Salas her inspiration comes from her travels and her Southwestern roots.  Karla is the latest trend-setter to be featured in Bluefly’s Closet Confessions series. Being granted exclusive access, we takeyou into her beautiful SoHo apartment filled with pieces that show her worldliness and her well-rounded style.




Stepping into Karla’s marvelous closet we get access to her personal style, which she refers to as “twisted classic.” Giving us a peak into her eclectic style and designer pieces we get to see not only in her amazing wardrobe but also insight into her stylish home. Karla survives her busy work schedule in a comfortable yet fashionable way.  Her must-haves to make her day go by smoothly include; a bright lipstick, a moisturizer and of course comfortable shoes. For Karla, comfort is the key to making an outfit work!




Join us as we follow Karla through her hectic schedule during New York Fashion Week and get your insiders look at her super stylish closet. Click here to watch her full Closet Confession!


Karla also joins an impressive line-up of Belle & Clive curators with her exclusive selection of must-have items this fall! You can shop her style here.




Giada Looking Cute in SoHo

giada de laurentiis is chic in soho

Here’s one of my favorite Food Network chefs, Giada De Laurentiis! I have to admit, when I first saw Giada on TV, I was like, “Does this woman even taste her own food?” I wasn’t sure because Giada is SO thin. She’s still thin, but having made a number of her recipes, I don’t care if she eats her own food or not. Every recipes of hers I’ve tried has been amazing.

Here’s Giada looking chic in SoHo. LOVE her coat! And I NEED those boots- LOL. Not only is Giada a great cook, she has great fashion sense. As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan. Are you?


Add Social Media to Your Everyday Style

I’ll admit that I’m a complete social media addict–which is a full understatement. I mentally think “@ [insert name]” whenever I begin to type someone’s name in everyday writing (not just Twitter). I may or may not actually (purposely accidentally) type the “@” symbol. Needless to say, I live and breathe social media.

I enjoy spreading my love of social media as well as increasing social media presence. I’ve been toying with a way to integrate my Twitter handle into my everyday wardrobe. I first thought t-shirt, but who wants to wear the same t-shirt whenever you are out; slash, I need to look good while in public. So that was out of the question. Then I debated getting a tattoo. But that was only for about five minutes before I knew it was probably the dumbest idea. Then it hit me! I walked past a street vendor in SoHo, NYC and saw he made “nameplate” bracelets. I knew I needed to have one made of my Twitter handle.

Now, my handle comes with me everywhere! Are you as crazy as I am? Do you want to show your Twitter love and affection withing your personal style?