Weekend Wear: Red Skinny Jeans

Amanda Seyfried, Katie Holmes, Pippa Middleton, Jessica Alba,
and Emma Stone <3 Red Skinny Jeans.


Here at SHEfinds, we’re fans of colored jeans. Turns out almost every Hollywood (and royalty-by-association!) darling loves a bright pop of denim too, in particular a bold red hue in the skinny jean form. We’ve spotted up to a dozen, and maybe even more, young ladies sporting the juicy tone on their legs. Will red jeans be a denim staple in every fashionable wardrobe along with the regular ol’ blue, black, and gray choices?


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Style This Week: Pippa Middleton



Apparently there are 300-400 photos taken of Pippa Middleton each day! That’s a lot of paparazzi following one person around. But, let’s face it, it’s because she has great style!


Monday: It looks like Pippa Middleton is back on her working-girl grind! The fashion forward socialite showed off her stripes in this cute mini as she made her way to the office on Monday morning. Dressed in a sporty black blazer, a navy knit top, and zip-up booties, as usual, Pippa’s kicked off another work week in style!


Tuesday: Pippa Middleton’s started off her strong, when it comes to style that is! Pippa opted for another pattern to try today: animal prints! The British beauty stepped out in London on Jan. 10, where she paired her zip-up booties with a super chic LBD. Apart from her coat adding a pop of color to the basic black look, Pippa kept warm with a snow leopard-inspired scarf.


Wednesday: Well this is a look from Pippa Middleton I wasn’t expecting her to try! The British fashionista ditched her darker threads for a pops of pink and plaids as she headed to work. The party planner stepped out in pink skinny jeans and a black-and-white plaid top, which she ultimately paired with basic black booties and a matching coat. But as always, Pippa made sure she had her favorite bag and shades in tow.


Which is your favorite look from her this week?




Pippa Middleton Is a Creature of Habit

Pippa Middleton is my kind of girl: she’s a creature of habit! She was spotted stopping for a cup of coffee on her way in to the office. Gotta get the day off right with some caffeine: I completely understand.


Pippa covered up in this coat today, but whether she is casually chic ordressed up for the office, she always looks great, so I’m sure whatever she’s wearing is fantastic.


Dub Thee Pippa Middleton, the Princess of Style

Pippa Middleton is just like us! She starts the day with a cup of coffee. Being the sister of the future Queen of England doesn’t make her too different, does it?


Pippa looks as great as always, too. I wonder if she spends a lot of time planning out her outfits or if she can just throw these looks together in the morning?


Pippa Middleton Joins Kardashians On Barbara Walters’ ‘Most Fascinating People’ List


Pippa Middleton and the Kardashians made it onto Barbara Walters’ list of 2011′s Most Fascinating People. Also on the list were Katy Perry, Derek Jeter, Simon Cowell, Donald Trump, and Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet. The show will air December 14th on ABC.


We know Pippa will definitely be bombarded with questions about the Royals as well as her infamous booty. Let’s see how shy and bashful she gets!


Of course, Barbara Walter will be dissecting America’s fascination with the Kardashian family. Hopefully we’ll get a hint as to what went down in Kim Kardashian’s brief marriage to Kris Humphries.


Definitely a must watch–especially since the Kardashians and the Royal Wedding, as well as Justin Bieber, were the top searches of 2011!



Pippa Middleton Loves Belted Coats

Here’s Pippa Middleton heading to work. LOVE that pea coat and those boots! I’m not sure how many more pics we’ll get of Pippa walking to work, though: according to Radar Online, Pippa signed a deal to write a party planning book that got her a nice $600,000 advance. A source said:


“It will be about entertaining and how to throw the perfect party. It’s not just about being the perfect hostess – it will also include recipes and information about how to host different types of events.”


Pippa already writes a column called “Party Time” for the newsletter for her parents’ online supply store, so she has some experience with writing.


Get Twilight’s Wedding Dress and Pippa Middleton’s Bridesmaid’s Gown

Have you seen Bella’s wedding dress in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1‘? A replica of the wedding dress is now on sale! It was a gorgeous dress. You can see it here.


Not to be outdone, for all you Pippa Middleton fans out there, her bridesmaid’s gown is now on sale from Net-a-Porter.com. It retails for $3100, and the only difference is that it has a zipper rather than the buttons up the back (much more practical). This is the only version of the dress that was designed by the same designer.


Both dresses are gorgeous, but don’t you want everything to look unique at your ceremony?


Pippa Middleton Classes Up a Belted Coat

Only Pippa Middleton can manage to make a simple belted coat look chic. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to pick her brain for fashion ideas .

Love that flower on her lapel: it’s a simple but elegant touch. Then again, does Pippa ever put a fashion foot wrong?


Pippa Middleton Walks an Imaginary Runway

Yes,  I say the same thing with every Pippa Middleton post: doesn’t she look great? But seriously, doesn’t she?


Love that dress- both the colors and the pattern! And pairing those brown ankle boots with black pantyhose: that’s not something I would’ve done, but it looks great with this dress. I’m practically salivating over those boots!