Men’s Style: Summer Casual

All of this style, please.

Bright colors are my favorite part of summer. You can throw them into any look and they still remain relevant. I am always looking for a chic summer look that you can wear to just about anything. The look in this awesome jumping photo caught my attention. Get the look:

Men's Style: Summer Casual

Latest Obsession: Balmain Spring/Summer Sneakers


Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2012 footwear line has me salivating already. Either ribbed or zipped, white or black, they’re made from calf leather and are a hefty $900+. Am I ready to make such a commitment for sneakers? Not likely, but a boy can dream…can’t he?


Is it summer yet?




You’re Sexy, You’re Cute, You’ve Got Winter-Savvy Boots

There is nothing that makes you look worse in the office than showing up with a weather struck wardrobe. Sure, plows keep the roads clear (well, clear enough) but winter conditions require a style savvy attack through your footwear. Nobody likes looking like a total tool, wearing light layers, slushy shoes and a red nose to match your body temperature. High, sleek, boots with rubber soles help you take on mother nature’s temper tantrums and make you look far more put together than an old pair of Timberlands. Wearing boots at the office is totally fine, but keep a spare pair of shoes at your desk just in case!


Having trouble picking out a pair? Here are a few of my suggestions


Cole Hann Air Rhone Tall Boot

Palladium Baggy Patent Leather

Frye Thurman Boot

Hunter Mens Short

Ralph Lauren Anthony Boot


The iGlove Paw Coverage

Attempting to find the right seasonal outwear that fits “you” is, quite frankly, a pain in the ass. The worst part? Digging through endless stacks and piles of gloves that, not only, don’t fit your wardrobe but also don’t fit your social savvy lifestyle. Do you actually like whipping off one glove to shoot a text, smoke a cigarette or switch songs on your iPod? I didn’t think so. GQ recently vowed how they’re refusing to take their gloves off this year and I’m making the same vow. Gotta keep my hands soft and supple, and my fingers free for conversing with anyone, anytime in any climate.


My picks (Clockwise from left) : 


  1. OBEY Blanket Glove – Urban Outfitters
  2. UGG Australia Shearling Glove (in Chestnut) – Nordstorm
  3. Michael Star “Shred” Fingerless – Nordstorm
  4. B.P. “Snowflake” Gloves (in Green Biscay) – Nordstorm
  5. Marc By Marc Jacobs – Nordstorm

Chunky Minus the “Chunks”

Reasons why I love the winter? Prime layering opportunities. With temperatures dropping to new lows this autumn, it’s ok to start bulking up your wardrobe. If it’s chilly enough to throw on a coat, why not try something that’ll up the comfort level during your work day or night out? The trick here is to try to embrace the chunky sweater without, well, looking too chunky yourself. Adding pounds to your frame? You aren’t wearing the right size or pattern for your shape; perhaps cutting back on the pumpkin spiced treats this season ain’t a bad idea either.


Here are a couple of sweaters that’ll have you looking effortlessly downtown cool, without looking chunks – if you layer properly.



Cardigan New York


 Davide Shawl Cardigan




Cashmere cable sweater

 Cashmere cable sweater in “Dark Grape”

French Connection

Fimble Famble Fairisle Cardigan

Top Man


Multi-colored Stripe Jumper

French Connection

Brother Knits Cardigan