Bluefly Closet Confessions: Gillian Jacobs

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Television’s talented, beautiful and funny star, Gillian Jacobs, is gracing us as the newest addition to Bluefly‘s Closet Confessions. As we peek into her small walk-in closet of her cute Los Angeles apartment, we get a taste of her personal style which perfectly matches her witty and charming personality.



Gillian describes her style as feminine with a love for dresses and skirts, along with a mix of other personal favorites. One of the things to take from our exclusive access to Gillian’s closet is her “addiction” to stripes, but who can blame her when it look so good on her? Gillian also shares pieces of family history with us, such as her grandmother’s plaid coat from the 70s. The fringe trimming only proves that fashion is indeed cyclical as we’ve seen this trend coming down the runways recently. In an exclusive clip, Gillian expresses her appreciation for Air Jordan sneakers (not your usual pair of Jimmy Choo’s), and that ”guys would pay so much attention to you, if you were wearing a pair of Air Jordans.” Here is the complete insiders’ look of Gillian’s closet.




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See Her Style…

Louise Roe Closet Confession HERO


What are your must-haves in your closet? For Louise Roe vintage treasures and leopard print pieces are must-haves! A fashion expert and TV host, Louise is the newest addition to Bluefly’s Closet Confessions series. We get exclusive access into her LA home and a peek into her fun and fabulous style. Louise describes her style as bright, a lot of prints and texture or as she puts “sophisticated in an understated way”! One of the first pieces Louise’s shows off is a vintage disco piece from her mom. A groovy top from the late 70′s with lots of sparkle and flair!




After showing some extremely fashionable pieces in her closet, we step into her accessories room. Here we get a look at all her beautiful and stunning shoes and every shoe has a story to tell. Louise’s 70′s & 80′s inspired style pops up again with her white pumps and big glamorous hats. It’s all about the little things that give a simple outfit a touch of sparkle.



Louise bubbly personality reflects in her amazingly bright and exciting wardrobe. So let’s get groovy and step into her closet here.




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Closet Confessions: Karla Martinez De Salas…



Where do you get your inspiration from? For W Magazine’s Fashion and Accessories Director, Karla Martinez De Salas her inspiration comes from her travels and her Southwestern roots.  Karla is the latest trend-setter to be featured in Bluefly’s Closet Confessions series. Being granted exclusive access, we takeyou into her beautiful SoHo apartment filled with pieces that show her worldliness and her well-rounded style.




Stepping into Karla’s marvelous closet we get access to her personal style, which she refers to as “twisted classic.” Giving us a peak into her eclectic style and designer pieces we get to see not only in her amazing wardrobe but also insight into her stylish home. Karla survives her busy work schedule in a comfortable yet fashionable way.  Her must-haves to make her day go by smoothly include; a bright lipstick, a moisturizer and of course comfortable shoes. For Karla, comfort is the key to making an outfit work!




Join us as we follow Karla through her hectic schedule during New York Fashion Week and get your insiders look at her super stylish closet. Click here to watch her full Closet Confession!


Karla also joins an impressive line-up of Belle & Clive curators with her exclusive selection of must-have items this fall! You can shop her style here.








Introducing Bluefly’s latest Closet Confessors, indie-rock duo, Tegan & Sara! Lucky enough to catch the busy sisters while on tour with fun. they show us their take on dressing like a rock star and the ultimate ‘fashion survival guide’ for a traveling wardrobe.




Granted exclusive backstage access into their ‘very fancy trailer’, the duo share with us their love of designers including Miu Miu, Rag & Bone, BCBG, and more. From skinny jeans, baggy tops and statement designer jackets, they show how their style has certainly evolved from the tragic trends of the early 90’s!





Now grab your VIP pass, head backstage and watch Tegan & Sara’s Closet Confession here.


Love their look? Shop some of their favorite designers and must-have items exclusively on Belle & Clive! Start shopping here.


Bluefly Presents Kerry Washington’s Closet Confession


Kerry Washington, of ABC’s Scandal, is the latest confessor in Bluefly’s Closet Confessions series. She gives us a special look into the wardrobe of her character Olivia Pope. Olivia works around the clock running a crisis management team, but she never has to worry about a fashion crisis. Smart, sophisticated and stylish, Olivia knows how to strike a balance between being strong and looking beautiful. And like most powerful women, she knows how to make a statement and dress the part.


Run on over to to check out the closet in full!


Don’t forget to check out Olivia’s latest looks on Scandal which premieres tomorrow at 10/9c on ABC.


Bluefly’s Newest Closet Confession: Chanel Iman


If you’re a huge Victoria’s Secret angels fan like myself, you are sure to love Bluefly’s newest Closet Confession featuring Chanel Iman! Not only is this model gorgeous, but she has killer style and unique pieces that travel everywhere with her. Even though she is always on the road, she makes herself feel at home anywhere she goes with her clothes and the ambiance she creates in her room.


She has collected such an interesting array of clothing that I can only swoon over. (I’m jealous of her biker jacket–so tough and chic!) Since she has walked in a show for just about every designer, she has built a relationship with them and they gift her such cute pieces! It’s adorable how much she treasures her clothing!

Take a look at the vid on Bluefly!


Susie Bubble Has Seven “Brothel Creepers”

When we shot Susie Bubble’s Closet Confession at the end of last year, we were struck by the sheer volume of collectibles in her closet. We asked her to break down the vintage from the DIY, the chain mail from the tinsel — and out came this infographic. Click the graphic (or here) for an expanded view of Susie’s Closet, and a definition for those of us Yanks who have no clue what a “brothel creeper” is.


Blogger Susie Bubble breaks down the contents of her closet for Fly & Mighty

Blogger Susie Bubble breaks down the contents of her closet


Watch me on E! Tonight



Even though I’ve done NYLON TV and other on-camera work, my new show Scouted is going to be eight episodes, on a nationally syndicated cable news network–there are going to be a lot of eyes on it! As a fashion consultant/stylist, a lot of my work is done primarily behind the scenes so this will definitely be an exercise in believing in myself and feeling confident!


Seeing myself on film versus a still photograph definitely has me inspecting myself a lot more. I’m used to looking at pictures of myself; I think we’re all used to seeing images of ourselves, but we don’t really see ourselves interacting. I saw a clip of myself recently in an E! News segment and, how do I look? I could take myself apart, but I look like me–I wanna get it through my head that that’s fine.


Besides, no one’s looking that closely anyway; no one sees the tiny things you see. We’re all our own worst critics.


With the show coming out, I’ve been watching a decent amount of television and I never look at anyone and think ‘Oh, look at the way her forehead wrinkles,’ or ‘Her nose looks fat at that angle.’ You just watch it for the bigger picture. It’s all been an exercise in not getting caught up in over-analyzing myself–and just enjoying this really exciting time in my career and life.



Bloggers Should Write Whatever They Want — Provided It’s Original

Cathy Horyn thinks bloggers should write about news, not opinion or criticism.


Diversity has been key in pushing certain fashion blogs and bloggers to the forefront: Tommy Ton for Jak and Jil, and his sharp eye / super zoomed in shots.  The Man Repeller for her way with words — and for pulling off turbans and harem pants, even though she isn’t Aladdin.  The Emperor’s Old Clothes’ acid sharp reviews that have me spluttering tea at my keyboard in laughter.  Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss for doing in-depth beauty Q&As that go beyond a review of yet another mascara.  Natalie Joos of Tales of Endearment and her endless photo slideshows that make me want to do vintage shopping marathons…


Susie Bubble blogging - Fly & Mighty

Me at my laptop during my Bluefly Closet Confessions shoot

The key to all of this though, is original content — be it in creating images of people, of clothes, of shops; procuring information through interviews; or expounding originality of thought — which in essence is the “opinion or criticism” that Horyn is referring to. When “opinion or criticism” is ACTUALLY engaging, I don’t see that as a bad thing.


I agree with Horyn about encouraging budding fashion bloggers to report on what’s out THERE; to seize the moment and really find out what’s going on in THEIR fashion world, and to blog about it through their eyes.  Luckily for me because I live in London, that involves visiting the studios of a throng of interesting designers; and seeing shops, exhibitions, and a whole host of fashion-centric activity from which I can churn out a never-ending stream of blog posts that makes up much of what my blog Style Bubble is about.


I’d love to see points of view on localised fashion from all parts of the world — outside of the obvious cities.  What about a local tailor who has been quietly making clothes for the past 30 years?  A peculiar bric-a-brac shop that sometimes sells interesting antique clothing?  A local archive of Halston gowns hidden away in a university in Texas?  These are the sort of stories that could do with someone doing some light investigation on.


What makes for repetitive viewing are reblogged stories from bigger news sources, or commenting on the same set of celebrity images that get syndicated over and over again.  This is content creation that can be done purely confined in a bedroom and, despite the size of the WWW, can be a narrow view of fashion if you’re looking to create content that purely relies on other blogs and sites.


It might take longer to go out there, arrange a visit with a designer, take the photos, and come home to write and edit, but the content will be so much more worthwhile and engaging for readers.  I may use the internet as a platform for communication, but that shouldn’t mean the origin of content is restricted to the internets too.


Dani Stahl Borrows Clothes from Charlotte Ronson, Jewelry from Nicky Hilton



Dani Stahl–Nylon‘s editor-at-large and the star of E’s upcoming reality show Scouted–has a wicked collection of… well, just about everything. Think Chanel bags, crazy cool jewelry (she designs the red carpet collection for Lia Sophia), sunglasses, and sneakers–as in 300 pairs! We asked her a few burning questions exclusively for Bluefly’s Twitter followers. See what she has to say about borrowing clothes from fellow Confessor Nicky Hilton.



Oh, and don’t forget to watch Dani’s full video on Bluefly tomorrow.