Bluefly Closet Confessions: Gillian Jacobs

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Television’s talented, beautiful and funny star, Gillian Jacobs, is gracing us as the newest addition to Bluefly‘s Closet Confessions. As we peek into her small walk-in closet of her cute Los Angeles apartment, we get a taste of her personal style which perfectly matches her witty and charming personality.



Gillian describes her style as feminine with a love for dresses and skirts, along with a mix of other personal favorites. One of the things to take from our exclusive access to Gillian’s closet is her “addiction” to stripes, but who can blame her when it look so good on her? Gillian also shares pieces of family history with us, such as her grandmother’s plaid coat from the 70s. The fringe trimming only proves that fashion is indeed cyclical as we’ve seen this trend coming down the runways recently. In an exclusive clip, Gillian expresses her appreciation for Air Jordan sneakers (not your usual pair of Jimmy Choo’s), and that ”guys would pay so much attention to you, if you were wearing a pair of Air Jordans.” Here is the complete insiders’ look of Gillian’s closet.




Love her style? Gillian also joins an impressive team of Belle & Clive curators with her must-have picks. Be sure to shop her style here!



Beauty Bust…



We sit down with the talented and amazing Matthew Sky of Next Artists (and resident beauty extraordinaire to Bluefly) to get all the latest beauty tips for this season.



This season it’s all about the berry lips – creamy, matte lips! Gloss is out and the lipstick is in! To get the look right you have to remember you want a less reflective look and one that will stay on all day long!  Try for a nice bright cherry or berry lipstick that will make an impact. For those who don’t want to go for a lipstick but still want to follow the trend, our expert says, “go for either a lip butter in a Plum or Rose, Korres make a fantastic  one or a lip stain, Sephora has a good one for a great price!”. Just remember make sure it’s a matt finish not a gloss!



Don’t cake it on girls! Keep your foundation to a minimum and rock a more natural and youthful look. With your standout berry stained lips, you only need a small amount of coverage to ensure balance. When it comes to blush, same rule applies, keep it minimal! With the colder months approaching feel comfortable knowing that your skin will be lighter in the winter months. Embrace this and don’t overdo the bronzer or blush, it won’t look natural and this is the look you are going for!

When choosing colors, find ones that are harmonious to you and look organic! It must work with your skin. It’s not always about following the trend, but finding a color within the trend that works for you. Feel comfortable testing out makeup and different shades, have fun with it! Also remember, “If your make up looks like you took more than five minutes on it, then you spent too much time on it! It should look effortless!” Enhance your natural features without putting too much product on, this is the trick. Our expert says still feel free to build your makeup throughout the day and create a more dramatic look at night.



Cara or no Cara, the fuller brows are back and it’s time to ditch the tweezers!  Our expert gives us the top tips on how to create the ultimate in full brows this fall!

-       Tip 1: Remember to continue with your natural shape. Don’t go trying to create a shape for your brow that is not natural for your face! Follow the shape you have and if thin, extend the shape with a fine pencil but do not create anything away from your brows natural shape. “It’s about taking the shape you have and enhancing it,” our expert says. Don’t tweeze your brows into something that you don’t naturally have!

-       Tip 2: If you don’t naturally have a full brow, you can enhance your brow with a dark brow gel or even clear mascara to mold a more thicker shape.  Our expert claims the clear mascara to be his secret weapon when creating the ultimate brow. Well maybe it was his secret weapon, not anymore!

-       Tip 3:  You can use an eye powder and go over your brows to give a more natural and fuller brow, if needed. Stick to neutral shades such as an espresso brown or a taupe, this will create the right effect.

-       Tip 4: remember it’s not the 80’s or 90’s brow but a more 70’s brow! Think Marqaux Hemingway! And no arched brows please!


Well there you go! Your top three tips from our Bluefly beauty expert!  Now go have fun and try out these fall beauty trends.




Fall fashion: what we’re wearing…



As the temperature starts to drop, we can begin to get excited about all things fall! Goodbye to those stinking hot summer days, sunburns, constant stress to get the ultimate bikini body and the need to take several showers a day just to stay fresh! We are ready and excited for fall!


One trend we will be sporting all season long are cute print cashmere sweaters. From french hens and happy hippos to rock star stars and guitars! Simply team with your favorite pair of jeans, pop on some ballet flats and you have got yourself one easy and stylish fall look!








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