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We’ll Have More of Kimora: Simmons’ Fabulous Closet Confession is Live!

Kimora’s house — as you would expect — was grand, opulent, and fabulous.

As she mentions in her Closet Confession, the closet we shot was just a “satellite”, one of two she showed us in her LA home, with the “mothership” in her house in New Jersey. From the peek we got though, it’s clear she’s an incredible achiever. We got the impression she designed every last detail of the house, apparently a total gut job. And when asked, she sounded like she’d gone to the quarry herself to pick up the marble in her bathroom.
She was the same way with her closet. She knows every single single solitary item folded and hanging in her “satellite” and can tell you exactly when and where she wore it. Yet, she’s completely down to earth about her one of a kind Manolos, the endless Birkin bags, and the rest that her adorable and lucky little girls will no doubt inherit.
And speaking of, on the day we shot at Kimora’s house, even with her daughters and nannies running around, all eyes were on the most beautiful man alive–her husband Djimon Hounsou. A glimpse of him was worth the price of admission.
But back to Kimora, she was a total pro. After a long day of shooting, she took the time to call each of us on the production team to thank us for the experience. Pretty fabulous, huh?
– as told by #monicaBF
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NEW Closet Confession: Kelly Osbourne

“I’m still the same person. I just lost 50 pounds,” Kelly Osbourne shared when she opened her closet doors to Bluefly’s Closet Confessions crew, but it’s clear the former Dancing With the Stars finalist’s new look has given her a new relationship with fashion and her closet. For the past two seasons she’s been front row and center at the biggest fashion week shows — we spotted Kelly at the Chris Benz presentation — and even took a seat on E!‘s merciless fashion panel, alternately applauding and poo-pooing celebrity Red Carpet looks.
Kelly’s newfound passion for designer fashion makes for a refreshingly vulnerable and endearing Closet Confession. You can almost feel the former Osbournes star wrestling to resolve society’s — and the fashion industry’s — Barbie beauty ideal with her love for designer looks, and her own obsession with Barbie dolls, which she collects. Osbourne admits of her 1970s Giorgio Armani sun hat, in particular, “It makes me feel like Barbie. And I can’t believe I’m actually saying that because, like, I hate what Barbie represents.”
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Sneak Peek Debut of Andy Cohen’s Closet Confession!

You guys, don’t miss tonight’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo at 11p (EST) or you’ll miss the sneak peek debut of Andy Cohen’s Closet Confessions commercial! All we can say is, if you think you’ve got tons of t-shirts, wait till you see Andy’s collection.
Andy’s full “Confession” goes live on 10/10.
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>Check Out Bethenny Frankel’s Closet Confession


Closet Confessions: Whose Closet Is Your Fave?

Bethenny_Frankel_Bluefly_Closet_Confession.jpg Johnny_Weir_Bluefly_Closet_Confession.jpgNicki_Hilton_Bluefly_Closet_Confession.jpg
(l to r: Bethenny Frankel, Johnny Weir & Nicki Hilton star in Bluefly’s Closet Confessions)
So far we’ve shot nine style stars for our Closet Confessions series and from your Tweets and Facebook posts we’re psyched to find that you love ‘em all. Do you have a fave yet?

Need a refresher? Watch ‘em all here:
>Ava Cutrone
>Bethenny Frankel
>Christian Siriano
>Harley Viera-Newton
>Johnny Weir
>Kelly Cutrone
>Mindy Yamamoto
>Nicky Hilton
>Roxy Olin
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Real Housewives of DC + Closet Confessions on BRAVO Tonight!

Nicki_Hilton_Bluefly_Closet_Confessions_star.jpgWatch what happens during the commercial breaks! Closet Confessions will be making a special cameo on BRAVO during tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of DC and on Watch What Happens Live.
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Closet Confessions Premieres on Bravo Tonight!

We’ve got a special Closet Confessions treat for you if you watch Bravo during the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion tonight. Click over to Bravo at 9p sharp.
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>Spring 2011 Fashion Week Coverage!
>Check Out Nicky Hilton’s Killer Shoe Collection
>Our stylist was featured in TimeOut New York!
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And Heeere’s Johnny Weir!

UPDATE: Watch the trailer of Johnny’s Closet Confession premiering at noon today!

In just three wee hours (that’s 12pm EST/9am PST) you can watch the premiere of Johnny Weir’s Closet Confession and get a sweet lil’ Bluefly hook-up at the end of the video. But it gets even better, kittens, as Johnny would say.
Johnny will be answering your questions live on Twitter from 12-1pm! So:
1. tweet your question to @JohnnyGWeir and @bluefly_com, then
2. hashtag your tweet #bfclosets
If your twitter finger’s already tongue-tied by the opportunity to chat live with the Olympic-bound, Lady Gaga-loving ice skating champ, visit for a sneak preview of the video at 11am, and inspiration on what to ask him.
In the meantime, watch these Celebrity Closet Confessions starring Nicky Hilton, Christian Siriano, Kelly Cutrone and more!
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My Closet Confession

After years of tolerating my shopping habits, my closet finally had its moment.One overcast morning in March, Bluefly sent a camera crew to survey and document my past purchases. In my closet, we found vintage, impulse purchases from H&M and Forever21, investments pieces like a silk black Dolce ruffle-trim coat and Marc Jacobs blouse, tons of memories embodied as scarves – which apparently end up being souvenir purchases because they came from Hawaii (where I grew up), Paris, Croatia, D.C., even North Carolina (where my husband is from) – sequins, animal prints, too many pairs of jeans, and lots and lots of shoes!The shoes of course were my favorite part as they have always been my closet’s first love. I still remember my first pair of Manolos – if you’ve seen the video, you know that’s where it all started – which were from Saks. I bought them a few days after graduating from college and they were perfect, black stiletto booties. They had a buckle accent at the ankle and I loved them until the day one of the perfect stilettos snapped.It was fun playing dress-up for a morning and sharing my closet, but what I enjoyed most was reliving the excitement and joy of each purchase. Perhaps sharing my obsession with Kate Moss was a little much, but behind every fashion-lover is a style icon right??More…>Discover & Shop: Ethnic Print Spring Dresses>Check out Nicky Hilton’s Shoe Collection!>Show Us Your Closet–You Could Win $500!!