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10 Wardrobe Must Haves for the Modern Girl

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, the basic item that every woman should own like the LBD and classic red lip stick. Go to Amazon and search and you’ll find no less than 50 books on the wardrobe must have subject, even Tim Gunn made a whole show around the concept. While I think it’s important to own the classic trench coat (I have two) and a pair of black pumps (mine have bows on the back), the thing I find is that these lists are so incomplete considering the state of modern fashion. Even though I do own the classic white button down and a black blazer, the reality in this current fashion world these looks are so antiquated and overplayed. They lack the fun and hip feel that most modern girls portray, so why don’t we update that list a little. Here are The Fashionable and The Broke’s top 10 must have modern wardrobe pieces. You can make them, you can buy them, but please for the love of god find them somewhere, a modern wardrobe is incomplete without them. These items are great for any body type, it’s all about the length or shape of the individual piece you buy.

Top 10 Modern Wardrobe Must haves

Bandeau dress, �115
L Agence longsleeve shirt, $300
All Saints loose t shirt, $50
Balmain zipper jacket, $7,400
J Brand slim fit jeans, �190
Marni short pencil skirt, $700
Carvela brown boots, �99
H M shoulder handbag, �20
Nixon rose gold jewelry
Hermes scarve, $460
Black & White Study | Buy Graphic Art Canvas Prints | YayArt, $120

1. THE FLOWY BLOUSE. It doesn’t matter if its white, see-through or has polka dots, the flowy blouse is like the modern women’s t-shirt. The fabric hides dirt and wrinkles, it’s super comfortable, and it flatters everybody’s body type. Look for one that is lightweight, falls at about the hips or a little lower so that it can be tucked in or worn loose and either short sleeve or 3/4s. I recommend neutral colors only so white, black, gray, or navy. It will complement any skin color.


2. THE COLOR-BLOCK PENCIL SKIRT. Color blocking is in and it won’t be going out of style anytime soon, and the great news is that by the time its out of style it will be back in again. Color block creates the optical illusion of slimness because it breaks the eyesight line in half. Pick two contrasting colors like white and black or blue and yellow but keep in mind that you want classic colors that will stand the test of time not fade after a season. Make sure that there are straight lines and that the skirt falls below or at the knee, it will lengthen the legs and the torso and make your butt looking amazingly curvy.


3. THE CLASSIC KNEE-HIGH BROWN BOOT. You may own a pair you may have seen them in your mother’s wardrobe, I personally own three different

variations. It doesn’t matter if they have heels, or if their riding boots. Just make sure they are no less than two inches below your knee and that the brown is subtle with a slightly worn effect. You can find a good pair for around a hundred dollars, avoid anything too trendy. I’ve owned my oldest pair for eight years now. These will make you appear taller and streamline the look of your outfit from head to toe.


4. THE DARK WASH SLIM BLUE JEAN. Here’s the thing get a pair without holes, without whiskering (the sunburst lightening effect that manufactures place around the crotch area), and without fading. You want solid blue, I recommend a brownish underwash tint it will make them dirtier and less artificial looking. These are the types of skinny jeans anyone can wear because they hide the flaw of curvier body types plus they are essential for anyone looking to layer tunics since leggings are often too informal. Due to their versatility, I see the slim jean staying around for years to come.


5. THE STATEMENT MEN’S WRISTWATCH. If your don’t know how to accessorize, get one of these the large kind it will make you seem edgy and funky. Make sure it is neutral, like silver or black so it can be worn with, and let me emphasize this, worn with ANY PIECE OF CLOTHING and make you look like the hottest accessory editors on the street. If you own no other pieces this is the one to have. Season after season, one of the go to looks is matching the feminine and the masculine which means that it will be stylish in ten, twenty, even fifty years from today.


6. THE LEATHER SHOULDER SATCHEL. You have a purse already I know, but there is nothing worse in my book than the best dressed ladies who throw their work stuff in a tacky shoulder back or nylon computer bag a throw it over their shoulders. If you put this much thought into the rest of your wardrobe it should extend to what you carry your work in too. Real leather only, in a neutral color. Bring your laptop and test the size to make sure it’s big enough to fit the essentials. Look for quality and classic shape with silver hardware, don’t get a slouchy bag because trust me those will be out of style before the end of the year. You want a piece that will stand the test of time.


7. THE BOYFRIEND T-SHIRT. So trust me, I understand that most people don’t have the aversion to the classic american garment as I do. That’s why I’m giving the modern girls out there this free pass. I’ve seen plenty of people pull off the chic ease of a t-shirt with so much style that I was slightly jealous. It can be paired with any garment in your closet. Chic Chanel skirt? Dress it down with a loose white jersey t-shirt. Make sure it’s good quality thick fabric. It needs to be loose-fitting, most brands call this the boyfriend style, and should be as classic with a flat easily matched color.


8. THE SCREEN PRINT SILK SCARF. I know your thinking of your grandmother’s silk scarf right now, but here’s the thing this is one of the best unknownaccessories on the market. Everyone from Ed Hardy to Fendi makes them and they typically retail under a hundred dollars. The can do anything. Tie one to a bag, wear one with a t-shirt, I’ve even used one as a belt before. They come in so many different prints to match any taste, and unlike their thicker cousin, the wool scarf, they can be worn any day of the year. It can make any ensemble a little classier.


9. THE LEATHER (OR FAUX LEATHER) JACKET. The leather jacket is like the modern girls black blazer, an updated piece to make an outfit more pulled together and you want to talk about the most versatile item you can own. These things last years and match any possible piece you can throw at it. Don’t get me wrong I love a classic blazer, they throw a wrench in any outfit but they lacked the adaptability that a good leather jacket can bring to any outfit. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bomber, a motorcycle, or just a good old quilted style as long as it’s a leather jacket. It doesn’t even have to be real leather, there’s a lot of great alternative leather out there now so shop around.


10. THE COCKTAIL DRESS. The cocktail dress is the little black dress funner, younger sister. Any fashionista worth her two cents has a cocktail dress with a flirty cut and creative print. Find one that is unique and impeccably designed. My favorite one is a backless, bias plaid with halter top and balloon hem. It’s my go to party dress and one of the easiest pieces to take from day to night. What’s great about the cocktail dress is it’s so easy to find one for each body type. Just because you’re not the size of a model doesn’t mean that there isn’t one out there that will make your wardrobe complete. Find one that expresses your personality and who cares if it goes out of style you’ll love it so much that you’ll wear it again and again.