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This is not a blog. Okay, technically it is, but the point is, we didn’t create it to dispense lofty fashion counsel from behind oversized Jackie O shades. We built it because we ultimately want to interact with a Fly Nation of fashion lovers of every stripe (or floral). So whether you’re a professional fashion personality, card-carrying fashionista, or a closet shopaholic, if there’s an insane designer you think EVERYONE should check out, a great article/blog post you want to share/rant about, or you simply need to point out how crazy amazing Ann Curry’s been looking on the Today Show lately, this is the place to blog it—or read all about it!


Latest Obsession: Balmain Spring/Summer Sneakers


Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2012 footwear line has me salivating already. Either ribbed or zipped, white or black, they’re made from calf leather and are a hefty $900+. Am I ready to make such a commitment for sneakers? Not likely, but a boy can dream…can’t he?


Is it summer yet?




‘True Blood’ actor Joe Manganiello wears Air Jordans


Spotted outside a Guns N’ Roses show at The Forum, Los Angeles, ‘True Blood’ actor Joe Manganiello was donning some serious kicks. The Air Jordan Retro 1 sneakers are a bold choice for the actor, but I guess his ‘Magic Mike’ wardrobe stylists are having some sort of effect on his looks!




‘Playboy’ Covergirl, Lindsay Lohan, Rocking Loubs!

Rather than hiding her face and laying low for a while, Hollywood bad ass Lindsay Lohan was recently seen taking a smoke outside Beaumarchais in NYC. The ‘Playboy’ covergirl was spotted rocking a killer pair of the Marisa studded platform boots by Christian Louboutin from the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.


Want a pair? Cough up $2,295 and they too could be yours! You’d think the ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ actress would start saving her “hard earned” dollars rather than blowing them on pricy duds…


Bergdorf Goodman Hosting a “Carnival of Animals”

Every holiday season I look forward to a decked out Madison Avenue. With your office holiday parties bringing hate filled midsection love in the form of complex carbohydrates, better start getting in the spirit of taking the scenic route on the way home from work. My favorite area to just stand and admire? Bergdorf Goodman. With their festive foray into a “Carnival of Animals,” I’m not sure if their holiday windows have ever ben this elaborately detailed. This is a place where dreams are made of – mermaids and giant sequined lobsters, polar bears in chef hats, monochromatic worlds of wonder. If you aren’t in New York or haven’t had the opportunity to check these out, I urge you to check out the photos below!


What are your favorite holiday windows this year?






Photos courtesy of Trendland.



You’re Sexy, You’re Cute, You’ve Got Winter-Savvy Boots

There is nothing that makes you look worse in the office than showing up with a weather struck wardrobe. Sure, plows keep the roads clear (well, clear enough) but winter conditions require a style savvy attack through your footwear. Nobody likes looking like a total tool, wearing light layers, slushy shoes and a red nose to match your body temperature. High, sleek, boots with rubber soles help you take on mother nature’s temper tantrums and make you look far more put together than an old pair of Timberlands. Wearing boots at the office is totally fine, but keep a spare pair of shoes at your desk just in case!


Having trouble picking out a pair? Here are a few of my suggestions


Cole Hann Air Rhone Tall Boot

Palladium Baggy Patent Leather

Frye Thurman Boot

Hunter Mens Short

Ralph Lauren Anthony Boot


Ballerina Impractical: Louboutin Laughs at Danger


I give a lot of credit to Christian Louboutin for redefining female footwear (and almost ruining J.Lo’s musical career). Sexy and imaginative, his creations are pushing limits of gravity, balance and ankle strength. Laughing in the face of both your expense account and the faces of danger, Louboutin himself is the go-to man in Hollywood to amp up a polished look. Have you SEEN his latest creation? You have to be lying to yourself if you have yet to wonder whether or not somebody tried these on for size.


The 8″ red soled, ballerina heels were designed for the English National Ballet and auctioned off to benefit their Summer fundraiser.

The models (or dancers) pulled out the stops, pirouetting down the catwalks at the Kensington Palace Orangery in tutus like Lara Flynn Boyle on the red carpet, tiaras sans the “Toddlers” and men strutting their stuff with exclusively designed slippers for the event. Although no Nina Sayers attempted to slip her soles into them for the presentation, it’s obvious that not even the most limber of yoga instructors could fold their pretzel legs into these bad boys.

I’m waiting for Lady Gaga to make an attempt but until then you can watch J.Lo‘s failed pre-”On The Floor” comeback from So You Think You Can Dance? 




Would you dare to try these out for a spin? Tell me!


The iGlove Paw Coverage

Attempting to find the right seasonal outwear that fits “you” is, quite frankly, a pain in the ass. The worst part? Digging through endless stacks and piles of gloves that, not only, don’t fit your wardrobe but also don’t fit your social savvy lifestyle. Do you actually like whipping off one glove to shoot a text, smoke a cigarette or switch songs on your iPod? I didn’t think so. GQ recently vowed how they’re refusing to take their gloves off this year and I’m making the same vow. Gotta keep my hands soft and supple, and my fingers free for conversing with anyone, anytime in any climate.


My picks (Clockwise from left) : 


  1. OBEY Blanket Glove – Urban Outfitters
  2. UGG Australia Shearling Glove (in Chestnut) – Nordstorm
  3. Michael Star “Shred” Fingerless – Nordstorm
  4. B.P. “Snowflake” Gloves (in Green Biscay) – Nordstorm
  5. Marc By Marc Jacobs – Nordstorm

Open Letter To Taylor Swift


Dear Taylor,


I’m SO bored. You heard me correctly and I’m standing my ground. After watching you sit through the American Music Awards this year, sweeping the nation with your trophy grabbing album ‘Speak Now’, I couldn’t help but wonder: haven’t I seen all of this before? You know what I’m talking about, honey pie. The side pony-tail? Check. The body-hugging, gold dress? Check. That “I’m genuinely shocked!” award acceptance? You owe me a Kit Kat Bar, because I’m in dire need of a break. You haven’t got me fooled with earnest “humble bee” act; you may have stung Kanye’s career, but I’m taking my chances. “I ended up writing the record by myself, so the fact that you would honor it this way, you have no idea what this means to me,” you say, with your convincing guffaw and smirky grin. I believe you, I believe you’re a hard worker and you’re still momma’s little angel. Why not bestow all of us a shake up with your image and play us a little harder? There was just something far too familiar in your this year, like we’ve seen in every public appearance you have had since your debut. I’m bored, your fans aren’t, but America may eventually get there.


With that, I give you your familiar looks that graced thousands of screens across America.



The proof is in the pudding, Tay Tay.


Much love,





Katy Perry vs. Judy Jetson

Is it just me or am I seeing double? Katy Perry‘s latest attempt at being edgy and fashion forward makes for a Judy Jetson rip off. “The One Who Got Away” ran for a reason…


My equation?


Katy Perry + Judy Jetson‘s wardrobe + Robyn with stomach ache (she took too much Pepto Bismol) / “E.T.” = her American Music Awards look.



What do you think? Am I being too far fetched here?


The American Music Awards: The Best

Whether or not you take The American Music Awards seriously, it’s a travesty if you don’t get a little pumped up for the red carpet looks. Never knowing what to expect, with presenters ranging from ABC’s Modern Family to Once Upon A Time standing alongside performers like Nicki Minaj, LMFAO and Jennifer Lopez, the looks were ranging from the sheer to the spectacular to the disastrous.


Here are a couple of my favorites from this years list of Hollywood’s creamery of the creme de la creme:


Jennifer Lopez‘s performance may have confused many but her looks were TOP NOTCH.

Once Upon A Time‘s Jennifer Morrison donning a whimsical look.

Audrina Patridge looking extra tan and extra saucy in a cut-out mini.

Selena Gomez continuing her ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ old Hollywood glamour.
Check out Jennifer Lopez’s medley of her 2011 hits from the American Music Awards below!