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This is not a blog. Okay, technically it is, but the point is, we didn’t create it to dispense lofty fashion counsel from behind oversized Jackie O shades. We built it because we ultimately want to interact with a Fly Nation of fashion lovers of every stripe (or floral). So whether you’re a professional fashion personality, card-carrying fashionista, or a closet shopaholic, if there’s an insane designer you think EVERYONE should check out, a great article/blog post you want to share/rant about, or you simply need to point out how crazy amazing Ann Curry’s been looking on the Today Show lately, this is the place to blog it—or read all about it!


9 Spring Statement Shoes

The statement is that Spring has come early. Or that winter never really came. Either way, we’re doubly ready for the new breed of neons that are sprinkled with sherbet, the black and white/clear zigging and zagging, and the wedges that will set us over the edge of spring fever. Better yet? These shoes make far greater statements than that of the weather; they will express your sheer contentment and stunning outlook.



The 30 Craziest Shoes

We found a gallery of the world’s craziest shoes on Whitney Port‘s Celebuzz column, and our eyes are bugging in the best of ways. Click through to see the 30 wild pairs.




Fall 2012: 10 Menswear Looks That Are a Little Crazy

Fashion is a trip. But some fashion is trippier than others. It’s those distinct looks in a collection that make your eyes pop a little wider as they expand your consciousness to accept grander philosophies of the universe. This season was rife with designers experimenting with wild menswear, and we’re glad to see the rougher sex getting freaky with the Avant Garde.


The silhouette of a mountain troll on the palette of a dandy with a Victorian harking makes for one time and bodily twisted trip at  Thom Browne


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Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Fav Looks

We’re loving all the menswear coming out of Milan right now. Here, our favorite looks.



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Cavalli Spring 2012: So Seductive


Fun and promiscuous, what else could you ask for from a new spring/summer 2012 ad campaign shot by fashion photography guru Terry Richardson? The ad stars beautiful people such as Lindsey Wixon, Ruby Aldridge, Jac Jagaciak, Benjamin Eidem, Josh Beech. Fashion babies couldn’t ask for a group of better models just having an amaze time in none other than Just Cavallli.






Recreating Justin Bieber’s V Magazine Spread

Bieber Fever has rendered the FashionIndie office completely incapacitated on several occasions since the mop-topped pop tot two-stepped his way into the cultural zeitgeist. Another such attack  overtook us yesterday and the result was a shot-for-shot recreation of Justin Bieber‘s V Magazine shoot by celebrated lens duo, Inez and Vinoodh – starring yours truly as the model in question. ‘Twas a success, though my body still feels ravaged by the effects of the Fever and I’ll need a conspicuously inappropriate shopping trip with Mariah Carey just to recover. Photos after the jump!



LB - Cover



New Face of Dior: Mila Kunis

Happy we’re seeing one of 2011′s favorite ladiesMila Kunis. Kunis joins her Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman in j’adoring Dior in her latest role as the new face of Miss Dior handbags.


Shot by Mikael Jansson, the 28-year-old actress gives another star turn in the spring ad campaign while bearing a striking resemblance to fellow Dior bag lady, Marion Cotillard. While Kunis claims she’s mostly a jeans and T-shirt kinda gal, she loves to feel feminine on the red carpet and with awards season gearing up, we can no doubt expect to see her in some Dior finery. Which is a shame. But let’s just hope she at least goes for the archival finery. [WWD]



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The Male Essentials for a Successful New Year’s

Whether you are partying it up in an upscale lounge or your best friend’s basement we’ve compiled the basic elements to make any New Year’s Eve outfit a hit no matter where you are.


The Blazer
2011 was definitely the year of the dandy so you should end it like one. Open your horizons by opting for an interesting lapel with a different shape or contrasting color. Class it up by going or a white dinner jacket or change it up with a wool or velvet material.


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10 Jingling Bracelets

I copied and pasted the lyrics of Jingle Bells into this post last night so I could cleverly doctor it into a fashion rhyme about holiday bracelets. Unfortunately I’m not a poet and what followed was truly horrendous blather that would scare away many of you, dear readers. I quickly abandoned the task to make banana oatmeal bread, but I do leave you with 10 glittering bracelets that jingle with jubilant cheer. Whether for the last week of holiday parties or a boozy New Year’s Eve celebration, your wrists will be stylin’.





Liz Taylor’s Auction Set a World Record! Over $115 Million Sold!

Leave it to Elizabeth Taylor to go out with a bang worthy of a movie star. The auction of Taylor’s — “impressive” seems to be a gross understatement at this point — epic jewelry collection was expected to raise $30 million, but by the time the last bid was placed, the 80 lots fetched a staggering $115,932,000, drop-kicking the record for a private collection previously established by the Duchess of Windsor‘s $50,281,887 auction in 1987.

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction Sets World Record, Selling for Over $115 Million

Nearly every item sold for astronomically more than it was estimated as bidders at Christies battled phone-in buyers from around the world. Throughout the course of the night, six other world records were broken, including the price paid for a pearl jewel and an Indian jewel as well as the per carat price for a colorless diamond and a ruby.

That Indian jewel, the Taj Mahal jewel – a diamond and ruby pendant with a gold Cartier chain — sold for $8,818,500, 20 times its estimated worth. Given as a gift on her 40th birthday in 1972 by Richard Burton, the heart-shaped diamond was originally a gift from the 17th century emperor Shah Jahan to his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. When she died, the emperor constructed the Taj Mahal to serve as his beloved’s final resting place.

Estimated at $2.5 to $3.5 million, but going for the same $8,818,500 was the famed Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, another gift from Burton. At 33.19 carats, that bauble isn’t so much a piece of jewelry as a planet harnessed onto a ring. Taylor wore it nearly every day and encouraged others to try it on so they could “see all the colors of the rainbow.”


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Liz Taylor and the Duchess of Windsor were good friends. Both had an appetite for precious stones and whenever the Burtons were in Paris they would pay a visit the duke and duchess. All the while, Taylor admired the Duchess’s Prince of Wales Brooch, three feathers made of diamonds and bearing the royal insignia. When that item came to auction in 1987, Taylor, bidding for the first time at an auction, snatched up the brooch, which in turn was sold at the star’s auction for $1,314,500.


The biggest lot of the night came in the form of La Peregrina, a 16th century pearl on a pearl, diamond and ruby mounting courtesy of Cartier. History has it that the pearl was found by a slave in the Gulf of Panama and was subsequently turned over to the Spanish royal family — Phillip II gave it as a gift to his wife, Mary I of England — where it remained for several hundred years. Burton bought La Peregrina for Taylor as a Valentine’s Day present, but on account of its weight, it often fell out of its setting. At one point, Taylor lost it in their suite in Las Vegas only to find it in the least likeliest place: “I just casually opened the puppy’s mouth and inside his mouth was the most perfect pearl in the world. It was—thank God—not scratched.”


Thank god indeed. La Peregrina, estimated at $2 to $3 million, sold for $11,842,500. Here, we always thought it was her white diamonds that always brought her luck, but turns out Dame Liz’s rubies and pearls had a charm all their own. [TelegraphForbesVanity Fair]


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