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This is not a blog. Okay, technically it is, but the point is, we didn’t create it to dispense lofty fashion counsel from behind oversized Jackie O shades. We built it because we ultimately want to interact with a Fly Nation of fashion lovers of every stripe (or floral). So whether you’re a professional fashion personality, card-carrying fashionista, or a closet shopaholic, if there’s an insane designer you think EVERYONE should check out, a great article/blog post you want to share/rant about, or you simply need to point out how crazy amazing Ann Curry’s been looking on the Today Show lately, this is the place to blog it—or read all about it!


Thank Heaven for the Little Girls’ Department

Remember the Sex and the City episode, when Samantha finds out that her less then average size date shops at the young men’s department at Bloomingdales. Lets be honest, that might be a bit of a mood killer. But is it a double standard? I have a confession to make. I do it. I shop at Gap Kids. I’ve even been known to buy a gap kids shoe. Mock if you must, but before you do, you should know that a girls 4.5 is somehow equivalent to a Women’s 5 ½. My closet is proof. Not only can you save A LOT of money by acting on this little style secret, but there is actually really CUTE style to be found in the girls department, in some cases, cuter then what the older crowd has to offer.


Case in point: Target. I’ve spent many an hour in the girls dept at Target; their pants fit be better then some designer clothes, and their dresses are adorable, if I can find the biggest size. I recently found this amazing dress in the Gwen Stefani for Mini Harujuku collection. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was the Alexander Mcqueen I had recently seen on Rihanna, so I scrambled for the XL, and in my shopping bag it went. I wore it to a 30th birthday party last weekend with black skinny jeans and chunky boots. Everyone loved it, and I got a million compliments. Others might take that opportunity to plead the 5th, and say thank you, but I proudly admitted my place of purchase. Perhaps because I’m not the tallest girl in the group, it became acceptable, and maybe charming. Or maybe some style just bridges the gap between girl and woman. Either way, I’m thankful for it.

Gwen Stefani Mini Harajuku for Target tartan dress w/ skinny jeans, red patent belt, Dolce Vita chunky boots




Living on the Wedge

 Every season, the bloggers, fashionistas, and editors scrutinize the runways, pages of magazines, and streets of the cities looking for what will be the new trend, the hot new look, the word on everyone’s lips… But certain trends, no matter how many times we read that they are “in this season”, just seem to never quite go out of style. 

Case in point- Or not point, but wedge… I remember about five or six years ago, I wanted a pair of wedge sneakers so badly, I scoured the vintage stores, browsed Ebay for hours at a time, and no matter what I did, I could NOT find a pair of wedge shoes. They simply did not seem to exist, and it was more of a pointy, and round toed world. But that was then. And now, every season, seems to bring a fresh take on the ever popular wedge style. Lucky for me, because as the movement has grown, so has my love for them.

This season, in pure cyclical cliched fashion, my taste has once again come full circle, and I am totally jonesing for a wedge sneaker. Good thing, some other people are too…..


Chloe Wedge Sneakers for Spring 2012

The EVER popular-everywhere- Isabel Marant wedge sneaker (pic from purse forum)


Purple Reign

One of my only memories of purple is that when I was in high-school, I had a bright purple eye-shadow that I used to wear religiously. It really brightened my eyes, and made them pop against my auburn hair, I think it was by Revlon and was $4.99. 


This is really my only memory of my relationship with purple. However, thirteen years later, I could use a POP, and I think  it’s time to reach out to my alumni association and broker a reunion.


Come Spring 2012, pastels are going to be everywhere. We saw it on the runways, we see it every day in colored jeans prancing around Manhattan, and, in beauty as well… (Could it be, my bright eye popping eye shadow coming back ??!!) In my opinion, though pinks, greens, and blues will abound, I think one of the breakout colors of the season is going to be a light colored pastel hue of purple. Like a lilac, but with more oomph. 


And by then my foray into a darker purple will have balanced out. Winter will turn to warmer days and tepid weather, dark colors will fade to light with the season and everyone will not just look, but feel warmer. I have already started up wearing my new Revlon lilac gloss prematurely. 


And so it’s also perfectly fitting that the very pair of shoes that I eyed for months, stalking and hunting like a wild animal after it’s prey have now entered my clutches, and just happen to be lilac. In this case, rather then my wild jungle instincts, I have to thank for the capture, but even with a victory as sweet as this one, they will still stay in hibernation until the weather and the season deems appropriate. 


And then, as Prince so brilliantly forecast, purple will in fact, REIGN supreme… and so will I. 



Purple Maxi dress: H&M on sale for $10

Shoes: Chanel

Bag: Jimmy Choo

TODS Violet and Gray Lace up sandals- $580.99



Inspiration: (from left to right; Rag & Bone, Richard Chai, Jen Kao)

The Top Five Colour Trends from Spring Summer 2012 Runways: Pastels, All White and Metalllics

THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISMUKKAH- DAY 4: It’s all about the Benjamins baby

Continuing on in my twelve days, I want to try and stand out from the hundreds of gift guides being emailed, twittered, facebooked, sent via pigeon carrier, you name it. But how does one do that?


Appeal to untapped markets… Okay, maybe not untapped, but not catered too specifically; give these markets some recognition, throw out some ideas, and boys and girls, you have yourself a unique holiday gift guide.

There do tend to be way more gift guides for females then males. And it got me to thinking about all those poor, unfortunate, deprived finance whizzes in the tri-state area.


The ones we only hear about in passing, when their ladies tell us urban legend like tales of how they met, how they were courted, and then promptly, the size of their gorgeous ring.


But for all those stories, and smiling grins, and rings, what do those men get? Who caters to them all those late nights on wall street with their take out food, and who makes them feel special at the local happy hour they “had to go to for work”….


Since the holidays are all about helping others, Here are some ideas for the finance guy in your life… 

he wears his heart on his sleeve - Buy/Sell cuff links- $29.95

Know when to fold them - Foldable wallets - $95- $120

And right before you give it to him, tell him, "Because you and me, we just make scents" - Burberry gift set- $54




At this time of year, as holiday parties and sparkling events abound, not only can you find santas of every shape and size ringing bells on every corner, but bloggers run rampant through the city.

Wherever there is a new opening, a press preview, a new designer line, restaurant, or art show, you can bet your bottom dollar, you will find your friendly, neighborhood blogger. 

One of the biggest questions that plagues me, and I think most of the aforementioned as well is HOW DO I STAND OUT? In a ever growing blogger world, what keeps me apart from the rest of the crowd?


Well, besides the cliche “be original” mantra, I can’t really help you right now.


But one way to stand out this holiday is with awesome swag. Okay, technically this swag isn’t free, and didn’t come in an awesome goody bag that you will run home to either share, wear, or put on ebay… BUT it is cute. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the blogger in your life, check out these bloggerific gifts, or swipe one for yourself….


Play your cards right - Kate Spade business card holder- $20 -

Say cheese! Pretend to take someone's pic, while actually checking your messages- ay Cheese iPhone 4 Case- $19.95 @ Kitson

Turn your blog into a book - Blog2print- starting at 14.95


The 12 Days of Chrismukkah- Day 1: Don’t be so Cheesy…

At Style Island, like any good blogger, I spend a lot of time talking about what I like, what I wear, what I eat, what I do, etc. But, unlike many bloggers, I actually have to talk myself into believing this holds any interest for anyone other then myself. 

So at what better time of year, then to promote giving, rather then receiving, or in this case, promoting rather then pushing.

Since there are exactly 12 days left until Christmas, (and 9 until hannukah), what better time then to finalize my gift guide. My gift guide is not biased, it does not see color, or religion, race, or ethnicity. 

it does however, see genres. So hopefully, you’ll fall into one. 


Day 1: What to give to the CHEESE LOVER in your life… And if you happen to be reading this, and you’re my a) boyfriend b) best friend c) someone who happens to know me and plans on getting me a gift…. take this as a hint, hint….


What to Eat it on

set of 4 $25.00 @ uncommon Goods- click here to buy

What to Cut it on 

Decor Craft Inc. Cheese Knives - $20.00 - on

How to know which one you’re eating.. Always important 

$21 for a set of 6 ~



Weekend Buzzings…..

At Fly and Mighty, things are always buzzing around; the hottest trends, coolest news, and sometimes, as much as I like to be a non conformist, the big things on everyone’s radar, are the things I’m most excited about. I do like to stand out from a crowd, but sometimes, especially in a city like New York, just being in the crowd is enough… (Unless you’re on the L train, in which case that is neither exhilarating, exciting or fun)

This weekend I’m buzzing about:

1) Ice Skating and Fondue at the Standard Hotel . And now when they call me an Ice Queen, I’ll take that as a compliment. 


icy grounds...

2. We Need to Talk about Kevin. The new movie with Tilda Swinton was a book first; one that was recommended to me at book club well over a year ago. Now, not only can I not wait to read it, I can’t wait to see this movie, which is in limited release in New York City now, playing at the Angelika Film Center. It doesn’t open nationwide till January 2012. 

3. Buying a New Years Eve dress. The night we all dread; what are we going to do, who are we going to kiss when that clock strikes midnight, is it socially acceptable to stay home? And yet, no matter what, it always comes down to one thing. What the hell are you going to wear while either eating, drinking, dancing or playing words with friends. The front runner right now is this French Connection Sequin strapless confection. It’s glam, but not overdone, and the perfect shade of pink. 


French Connection light pink allover sequin 'Spicy' strapless sweetheart neckline dress @ - Click here for details


Legends of The Fall.. The top ten reasons I am going to miss fall 2011

I am a fall girl. It’s by far my favorite season; there’s a chill in the air, leaves are falling, you can still go out at night with only a cardigan, and there is a scent in the air of a fresh season. The faint remnants of pencil shavings in kid’s back to school supplies, freshly bought composition books, and for those out of school, like moi, an excuse to buy new clothes. Fall also brings Halloween, my birthday, and traditional apple picking and foliage trips.


But alas, as we near the middle of December (Christmas is 2 weeks away? seriously??), I must come to terms with the fact that my favorite season is about to be a distant memory, as winter creeps in. Don’t get me wrong, Manhattan is beautiful during the holidays, but fall holds a special place in my heart and it will be missed… until 2012 that is. These are the top ten things about fall that I will miss: 


1) cozy sweaters, without jackets. 

Wool sweater; Rachel by Rachel Roy, boots, vintage Etienne Aigner

2) Wearing tights with short boots. Ok, fine, technically I’ll still do this. But I’ll be chillier….

cropped mustard sweater; H&M. vintage pin. Tights; Dkny, Boots; H&M

3) Foliage. I don’t know at what point staring at leaves, became so enthralling, but somehow it does not get old.

Fall for the city


4) Apple Picking upstate, complete with pumpkins, cider dougnuts, yelling at Mapquest, and finding a cool yard sale. 

How do you like them apples

5) Marshmellow Halloween Peeps. Halloween is the one day pass for girls to dress slutty without any repercussion, but it’s also for seasonal peeps; the one thing in the world that tastes better when it’s a few days old. 

peep this

6) Dark colored Nail polish. I’ve been really into pastels this year, but fall brings darkness. Red, brown, black, blue, and my new favorite, deep purple. 

Nailed it

7) Hot cappuccinos taste better in the fall. Especially when they come in a fancy glass. And art artfully done. And come with a swizzle stick. 

Too pretty to drink?

8) Chilly Sunday mornings spent in bed. Yes, you can do this all year round, but doesn’t it just feel better when it’s chilly outside; cold enough that you need your blanket, but still warm enough that you don’t need to cocoon yourself inside it. 

kate Moss archive photo


9) Indoor activities. In the summer you’re out all weekend, baring your cute outfit for that dinner, party, or whatever event you have. In the fall, you’re winding down. As opposed to the winter, when some, like yours truly fight the urge to hermit until spring. But indoor games become par for the course…. especially ones you buy on sale at the local vintage thrift store.

10) The new Kate Spade agenda for 2012. It’s here, and it’s one of my most favorite things about fall. Every year for the past six years, I hold my breathe for the new Kate Spade agenda book. This year, I’m so happy that they decided to go back to the old format, and include daily calendar as well as monthly. Making lists and writing down plans is so much more fun in this thing. 

kate Spade Desk calendar- $ 38.00