Susie Bubble Has Seven “Brothel Creepers”

When we shot Susie Bubble’s Closet Confession at the end of last year, we were struck by the sheer volume of collectibles in her closet. We asked her to break down the vintage from the DIY, the chain mail from the tinsel — and out came this infographic. Click the graphic (or here) for an expanded view of Susie’s Closet, and a definition for those of us Yanks who have no clue what a “brothel creeper” is.


Blogger Susie Bubble breaks down the contents of her closet for Fly & Mighty

Blogger Susie Bubble breaks down the contents of her closet


Surfacing Trend: Super Luxe Winter Wear

It’s all about a fur vest and some shine this winter. Earlier this month we caught up with celebrity gossip blogger Micah Jesse sporting a fur vest at the launch of Diesel’s collaboration collection with singer Uffie. (Diesel and Uffie came together to create denim and leather pieces for the hipster set.) At the same event we spotted this fashionista wearing a sparkly, camera flash-catching dress. Some of the other major trends we spotted in the stylishly decked out crowd were animal prints, metallic pieces and thick-framed glasses.
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Curbside Catwalk: Blogger Terrence Phearse, Fur Stole, Louis Vuitton Clutch, Leather Jacket


His name is Phearse and his outfit is fly. I caught him in between classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and asked him to pose for a photo. I love how Terrence has outfitted himself with fab vintage finds like his fur stole and pageboy hat, and paired them with new pieces (I’m obsessed with his leather cape jacket!).
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>Wanna Win a $2500 Bluefly Spree?
>Nicky Hilton gets “catty”!
>Have you seen Kelly Osbourne’s Closet Confession yet?


Best Dressed Blogger: Tavi Gevinson of

“[I'm just] a tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats,” says Tavi Gevinson author of the blog Style Rookie. The 14 year old has positioned herself as one of style’s youngest voices.
Not only has she sat from row at Fashion Week, become a muse for Commes de Garcons, and written for Harper’s Bazaar, but she’s influenced the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Rodarte. Her privileged relationship with designers has allowed her access to couturetavi-super-fan[1].jpg fashion which she pairs with her own thrifty picks. The girl wonder shoots all her own photos just like fellow style blogger, Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, staying true to what she says are her favorite clothing choices — knee length skirts, crisp blouses, and fun hats. The middle schooler who lives in Chicago with her parents is also known to sport wedges and socks and shop at her local Salvation Army.
Don’t forget to take a gander at Tavi’s blog. It’s like taking style advice from your inner teenage girl!
[photo courtesty of]
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Best Dressed Blogger: Erika Marie of

With a penchant for lace, flowy silhouettes, and delicate jewelry, Raleigh, North Carolina native Erika Marie has been getting credit for Fashion Chalet recently penned this fashion blogger worthy of a front row seat at New York Fashion week. But Erika Marie of is no New York native. She holds her finger on the pulse fashion all the way from North Carolina.
Erika has shown the blogosphere that a budget is no excuse to ignore your closet. She knows shops basics with a splurge thrown in every now and then. Erika likes to think of herself as a 21st century Audrey Hepburn with a classic-meets-casual style. Her long limbs and even longer hair add an air of elegance.
What began as a hobby for Erika but has blossomed into a full time job, opening big doors. Besides updating her blog, she also works as a freelance writer as well as a stylist. Erika’s style has grown along with her blog, which started in 2008. She’s learned to let go of trends and stick with what works for her personality.
Thousands of people love and follow Fashion Chalet daily. If you haven’t yet, check her out!
[photo courtesy of Fashion Chalet]
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Best Dressed Blogger: Karla Derass of Karla’s Closet

karlas closet.jpg
Karla Derass is not your average blogger. Her blog, Karla’s Closet, has garnered so much attention its been featured on countless blogs and magazines including Teen Vogue and Nylon. This blogger’s personal style is a mix of bold structured pieces with a parisian esthetic. Most of her outfits are a combo of vintage pieces and designer duds. We love her because she’s perfected the art of cropped pants and heels.
Derass’ blog’s popularity landed her the opportunity to collaborate with Coach. She and a select group of style bloggers were recently approached to design a handbag for the label. The limited-edition collection debuted in May.
This southern California resident now sells many of her vintage finds through her own online shop as well. She spends most of her days searching for merchandise to stock her online shop. But this stylish blogger still has class to attend, Karla is currently a student of the apprel manufacturing program at FIDM.
[photo courtesy of Karla's Closet]
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Best Dressed Blogger: Jane Aldridge, Sea of Shoes

Oh, Jane Aldridge… sigh. She’s 18. She’s got her own shoe line called J. Aldridge. And three years ago — before she started her blog Sea of Shoes, no one even knew who this Dallas native with the gorgeous former model mom was. But, that’s not why we’re showing her love.
Like Karen Blanchard of, and America’s Most Stylish Blogger winner Trang Huyen, Jane’s got incredible personal style. Her flawless fashion sense has been featured in Vanity Fair and Teen Vogue and on websites inlcuding,,, (and now us!). Jane’s knack for mixing pieces and choosing just the right shoe has connected her with fashonistas around the world. If you haven’t yet, check out her blog to get a glimpse the blogger’s insanely cool closet.
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[photo courtesy of Sea of Shoes]


My Bluefly Closet Confession

It appears that lately just about everyone wants a piece of my closet, first my newly teen aged niece borrowed a few bags, then a website that features people with funky style wants to see my top looks (working on my abs daily for that one) and then my darling requested that I do a Bluefly Closet Confession…


After receiving the email I quickly rounded up the talented shooter/editor Antonio L. Thompson, spent several hours making my closet pretty, beat the face and then proceeded to shoot 70 minutes of tape to share my world with you via my closet.
And yes indeed I had a ball–my closet is fun!
Now for the real confession: this clip shows only about half of my closet –yes I know– it’s kinda sad, but hey I grew up with four of my own closets and you did hear me mention that my grandmother sent me home with 160 pairs of her vintage pumps right?
Styleaholics run in the family…
Enjoy the clip, I certainly did.
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Best Dressed Blogger: Karen Blanchard of

She’s been snapped for every lens from to Vogue to Essence to Paper to her boyfriend’s — he captures the blogger/model’s effortlessly fearless looks for her blog, WhereDidUGetThat — and brands want in too. American Apparel shot her as part of an “As Seen on Bloggers” campaign, while Coach shot a video of the blogger styling about New York which is where Karen, a transplant from London, lives and credits for her style. “I didn’t really have a style per se in London,” she says. “I wore anything really.” Somehow, we think her “anything” was pretty damn fly. Have a look.
*How long have you been blogging your personal style on
Since Feb ’09
*Your looks are refreshingly unpredictable & fearless. Is there any item of clothing or trend you’re “scared” to wear?
Not really. Anything can be tweaked.
*What’s the most memorable remark you’ve heard while wearing one of your outfits for a shoot?
Can’t think of one. I do get a lot of people staring though.
Karen_Blanchard_crochet_Bluefly_blog_FlyPaper-250.jpg*What’s been your favorite outfit to shoot so far?
The crochet flares and top I wore recently for my ‘Trash’ blog post. LOVE the outfit. I’m really into the retro look and I LOVE crochet.
*How has your style changed, if at all, since your days in London?
I didn’t really have a style per se in London. I wore anything really. I feel like it’s really gotten better since coming to NY. God knows why though.
*How much of a production is it to shoot yourself for How long do the shoots take? Do you work with the same photographer? How do you choose locations?
Shoots take anywhere from five minutes (rare) to average 15. My boyfriend takes all my shots and we drive around picking a spot I like or we both like the look of.
*A fair amount of your clothing comes from thrift stores. What’s your strategy for sorting through the bins (& sometimes musty racks) to finding that must-have gem?
I usually scan for fabric and pattern first. After that I tend to look at tall items from the bottom up (for some reason). I move extremely fast too.
*Is blogging your full-time job? If not, what’s your “day” job?
No I have a sales job in the printing firm. So I do that all day then come home to blog.
*What do you think is/will be the lasting impact of the Personal Style Blogger on Fashion?
That the girl next door can be just as influential in the fashion industry as a magazine editor. Maybe not yet, but it’s possible.
*What are your top 3 Personal Style Blogs?
Carolines Mode. Stylorectic. Chic Muse.
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America’s Most Stylish Blogger Contestant on Vogue Italia!

We’re having a Proud Mom moment.
America_Most_Stylish_Blogger_Contestant_CELIA_Vogue_Italia_2_Bluefly_FlyPaper.jpgFormer AMSB contestant Celia Smith has been getting snapped up all over the place. The blogger who charts her style and stylish life on her blog AFractionofFashion was cast in Paper Magazine‘s Stylish Networkers spread rocking a Stella McCartney jumpsuit, immortalized on tape for StyleLikeU’s video series, and most recently spotted and stopped by Vogue Italia‘s cameras.


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[photo courtesy of Vogue Italia]