Your bag, your statement….

Bluefly Bag Language


We all know that the way we dress is an expression of our personality. From what colors you wear to the kind of accessories you team with your overall look! So what does your bag say about you? Are you classic, edgy or a risk taker? The bag you carry can say a lot even before you say a word.



Bluefly Bag Chanel


A Chanel black quilted lambskin bag, says “I’m classy and only carry the essentials.” You’re willing to sacrifice clutter in your bag for the ultimate in designer style! This bag also screams elite and high class. With a Chanel carry-all you show you know your labels and can carry yourself with confidence; just like Coco Chanel herself.




Bluefly Bag LV


Louis Vuitton! Who doesn’t love this classic staple bag?

This bag says you always come ready for anything that life throws your way! Always leaving the house with everything but the kitchen sink, just like a girl scout herself, you’re always prepared!




Bluefly Bag Fendi


Now if you find yourself reaching for a neon purse… then you’re one who loves live and lives it loud! Just like this one from Fendi, you go for a bag that’s bold, bright and has intriguing detail on it!


So the next time you grab your bag think about what statement you are making to the world that day!

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