Mix Colors for a Fun Look


Take a bunch of bright colors and throw them together in your outfit. You’ll look fun, cute and chic all at the same time. Elisa Nalin (Stylist / Fashion Consultant) plays with color well. She is able to mix with the right about of flare that doesn’t overwhelm.


Take a shot at it!


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Let Your Inner Beyonce Roar with a Pair of Leopard Pants

Beyonce in ALC Leopard Pants


She may have coined the phrase “freakum dress,” but Beyonce is more into freakum pants these days. She rocked a pair of  boldly printed A.L.C. Elson Pants ($430), which also bear a slight resemblance to MC Hammer’s signature parachute pants, that hopefully your dad or uncle didn’t wear in 1988 — but probably did.


In all seriousness, Beyonce shut it down in this pair. We like how she pared down the look with a solid black top and floppy hat (reminding us of her sleek swimsuit in the same shade) but still kept things interesting with a pair of bright-hued stilettos.


A.L.C. Elson Pant in Leopard ($430)


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Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling at the Berlin premier of ‘The Lucky One’



Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling made a cute couple at the Berlin premiere of ‘The Lucky One’! I keep thinking I need to try to see this movie this weekend since I’ll be all about ‘The Avengers’ next weekend, but the weekends get so busy, it’s hard to block off several hours for one thing.


Do you like Zac’s suit and Taylor’s dress here?





Congratulations to the more than lovely royal couple! This weekend marks one year since they wed (April 29th is exactly 1 year) and it has gone way too fast. I hope they have many many more anniversaries to come!

Happy Anniversary weekend!

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Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci & Artist Kehinde Wiley Collaborate on a New Series

A Kehinde Wiley painting - FlyandMighty.com

Kehinde Wiley paints African-American men in traditional Renaissance scenes

Kehinde Wiley rose to prominence in the art world painting exclusively black men in the traditional poses and settings that characterize Renaissance art. Now women will get the Wiley treatment thanks to a genius collabo between the artist and Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci. Calling the series “An Economy of Grace,” Wiley will paint his subjects in gowns Tisci designed exclusively for the works. While no peeks of the paintings or gowns have been leaked, Art Info says Wiley and Tisci sought inspiration from the collections on show in the Louvre Museum’s galleries. In a statement, Wiley said the paintings are his way of reconciling gender depictions in art history. “This series of works attempt to reconcile the presence of black female stereotypes that surrounds their presence and/or absence in art history, and the notions of beauty, spectacle, and the ‘grand’ painting.” Can’t wait to see what the brilliant duo have come up with!



More Kolors: Kim Kardashian Launches “Kompletely Fabulous” Nail Polish

Wel-Kim To My World


It’s Kim Kardashian‘s world, we’re just living in it.


The reality star and branding mogul’s latest venture is a line of nail polishes for O.P.I.’s little sister line, Nicole. Kim said on her blog that the six “feminine and flirty” colors are inspired by the polish shades she usually wears — “pale pinks, whites, and nudes” that represent her “signature look.”


Our favorite part of the collection isn’t the colors — it’s the totally Kardashian-approved ego trip names. “Others Pale By Kim-Parison,” “Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue,” and “Lights, Kim-Era, Action!” are a few of the shades, and the collection itself is called “Wel-Kim To My World.” We don’t think there’s room for us in your “world,” Kim.


Wel-Kim To My World is available now at CVS stores.


Check out the full line in the slideshow above, and browse our coverage of Kim Kardashian and her sisters.


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Beyoncé Named Most Beautiful

BEYONCÉ photo | Beyonce Knowles

image courtesy of people.com


Even though we didn’t need clarification, Beyoncé is officially the most beautiful woman in the world according to People.


She told them,  ”I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth,” she says. “I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a sense of purpose on this earth.”


How adorable! So glad everything is going great!


We love Beyoncé!


Animalistic Behavior

Here’s a serious question: do you remember elementary school classes reserved entirely to raise endangered species awareness? I do. One time I bought a t-shirt with a gorilla on the front that read “To Be or Not to Be.” I thought the Shakespeare quote under a hairy face was somewhat funny but my mother was not amused by my using the entirety of the only money I was allotted each week to purchase the tee. I suppose that right there is actually quite telling. Carrie Bradshaw may have skipped meals for Vogue but my twelve year old self was all about them mens sized monkey tees. Today though, wildlife preservation comes far easier. A certain swimwear brand has taken the notion of using ones body to celebrate endangered species (among other things like the Eiffel Tower and James Dean) and fashioned a statement.



Eureka! I’ve had my neon eye on the kitschy one-piece bathing suits fostered by We Are Handsome and have been meaning to throw these freaks on to Man Repeller for a while. I quite like this particular puppy face. With the ambiguous 90 degree days that come and go and a more recent advance: Moda Operandi hosting a week long trunk show for the aforementioned brand, I figured there’s no better time than now. See? Bear ass, literally. No moon shine here, pal. Black tiger, seaplanes, Scuba Steve, snow leopards, and an American Beauty inspired one piece. Now if that’s not expert man repelling beach side, do share. What is?

Also, should I get one for Pete? I’m thinking metaphysical flamingo on flamingo.


Classic Staple: 3-Piece Suit


Every man needs to own, wear and love a three piece suit. It’s classic and chic–the combination a man should aspire to attain…at least that’s what I aspire to achieve. Justin O’Shea (Buying Director, MyTheresa) wears his navy suit with complete sophistication.


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Compact Packing

Today we will discuss the luxury of packing in small.  A period piece, if you will. Here, here to the alienation of an entire species. Glad we got this out of the way. On to the purse: When I bought this little guy–composed of three small pouches snapped together and featuring a long arm strap–I wondered whether all my shit would fit inside it. Figure two phones, one fat wallet, the obligatory arm adds, house keys, an array of tampons and chapstick. As it happened, they did. And then some. Anti-biotics, on the rare occasion: mascara, larger cuffs than I had anticipated and even nun-chucks in one instance.

A Mary-Poppins bag, eureka! It got me thinking about how much space we really need and whether Olsen-sized handbags are necessary. I grazed upon this notion in a conversation about the minaudiere a few weeks ago but it’s a little ambitious to assume we as women will put down the luggage in favor of some weird ass shell-shaped boxes, for the everyday at least. I concluded that there’s something somewhat magical about roaming around without the entirety of your belongings strapped into your purse and onto your shoulder. The end of a posture fail, for one thing. But even if just for the sake of zen. Women often refer to the contents of their bags as their “lives” but should a mass of clutter confined into a big sack of your belongings really describe your life? Maybe you’re ultra-neat and crumbled paper receipts don’t infiltrate the insides of your purses but for the sake of my own sanity, I’ll assume you’re not and suppose that perhaps the answer to excess rummaging could be easily solved by a purse half the size. It’s just a thought though. Can you believe that two entirely different words can be cultivated by the differentiation of just one T? Weird.

What do you think?  Celine purse, MR DANNIJO cuff.