Hilary Duff Is Out and About Post Baby


Well that was fast! New mama Hilary Duff was spotted out and about only one week after giving birth to her newborn son, Luca and it looks like the new celebrity mom is regaining her pre-pregnancy body fast!


The former Disney starlet was on her way to a hair salon with her trusty iPad in her hands as she smiled at the paparazzi snapping her pic. It looks like motherhood is suiting this young lady just fine as she has a great mom glow going on here!

We can’t wait to see the first photos she shares of Luca with us soon. I bet he’s a cute little thing!


Marilyn Monroe Would Have Totes Rocked Anthropologie’s Retro Swimsuits


They look good on EVERYONE. Retro bikinis and retro swimsuits are a no-fail choice os swimwear. A little more modestly cut, than, say, string bikinis or monokinis, they make every body look hot. Born during the advent of voluptuous bodies like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page, they’re made for real girls with curves. That’s your cue: whether you’re headed on spring break or you’re just thinking ahead, we recommend you take a second and secure one for yourself before they’re all gone.





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Give Your Lips a POW!



Make a statement with a bold lip color. It brings a pop to any look. Blogger, Peony Lim, went for a bold red that certainly draws attention to her beautiful face.


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Winter Backlash

We thought for just one moment you may have been taking a back seat this year in favor of more layering for the sake of layering not just for the sake of warmth but you did us wrong, Motha Nature. I told you that bi-polar season may mandate winter’s comeback at the drop of a snow flake. And while I spent the weekend radiating skin and what have you in Mexico it was somewhat debilitating to return home and get smacked by a cold front. I’m just kidding though, it actually felt quite nice: I’m vibing rouge-tomate chic right now and a little cold is good for that. So here’s a little look at the happenings of my balcony on this fine Tuesday morning, where the limbs freeze like botox. I feared this outfit may have rendered irrelevant when last week summer swooped in but alas, wrong. Sweaters, turtlenecks, inconspicuous hair and the obligatory high five seem to be an appropriate outfitting method of choice again.

Turtlenecks, not just for turtles. Thumbs up, not just for Terry Richardson. Silver shoes, not just for moon men. Tassels, not just for nipples. Slits, not just for hookers–or a crafts project, these come slit and finally, standing up right twenty six stories high: not just for birds.

Fupas, not just for mom jeans. La di da di da, look at me, I can’t see, la di da di da. I love movement and photos that capture it. My name is Man Repeller, bla bla turban. It’s a little bit pajama, a little bit convention, a little bit ethnic and a whole lot weird.

Vince turtleneck, Alexander Wang sweater, Asos pants, Alexander Wang shoes, Antik Batik clutch.
And finally, here it is all together. This may actually serve as a sort of good lesson in living in New York, dressing the part–that is to say not experimenting with very much color that doesn’t fall on the black through white palette–and still repelling. You’ve got to admit there’s something very Christmas-at-grandmas about a sweater and turtleneck paired this way. Really though, you’ll have to admit it because I don’t do Christmas unless Jewdolph the culturally ambiguous reindeer says I could. Crickets, crickets. Me thinks I left my sense of humor in Mejico. At least it’s somewhere though. Rrrrrriba. Photos by Naomi Shon.

Molly Sims Brings Out the Maxi Dress


Looking marvelous in a striped maxi dress, Molly Sims was the epitome of a California cutie on March 26. The expecting star pampered herself with a day at the salon yesterday, where she not only treated her nails to fresh polish, but caught up on the current happenings in the New York Post.


No matter where she goes or what she does, Molly always puts her passion for fashion on full display. And as expected, Monday afternoon was no different for this mommy-to-be!


Who Wore DANNIJO’s ‘Medine’ Best? Kim Kardashian or Sophia Bush?

It looks like Kim Kardashian and Sophia Bush have sourced a piece of armory-like jewelry with their Dannijo ‘Medine’ Necklace ($436). While stylists may suggest that this statement necklace taps into the “bib” style, we’d like to compare the piece to anything but a baby’s spit-up napkin. We love how the necklace’s sturdy hardware contrasts against the brightly multicolored beading and delicately dangling details, which reminds us more of Egyptian-inspired adornments—and makes us wonder exactly how heavy is that thing? If you feel as if you have the strength to flaunt this piece from day-to-night, we might as well declare you bauble-wearing supremacy.

Dannijo ‘Medine’ Necklace ($436)


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Jessica Alba Is Starting Another Trend… Polka Dots Jeans!

Celebrities in Polka Dot Jeans


Jessica Alba has already inspired us to buy a pair of pink skinny jeans, and she’s been snapped by the paparazzi in skinnies in pretty much every color of the rainbow, so it’s no surprise that she’s setting yet another denim trend: polka-dot!

Polka dot is one of our top picks for this spring’s trend report, so to finally see it peppered onto denim jeans ofEmma Roberts, Alba and Jenna Dewan doesn’t come as a big surprise. If you’re looking for a change in your denim wardrobe (you’ve already mastered tangerine and snow leopard, we know) this will definitely do.




A Gloomy “Blah”

The other day I tweeted a call for help that went like this: “hey! Let’s play a game called help me write my book, content suggestions welcome!” Exclamation points and everything. The game is still not over so do take this opportunity should you feel so inclined to interject an idea or two in the comment box below low low and behold hold hold. The feedback was great, appreciated, smart and funny, I particularly liked one idea though, not necessarily for the sake of a book filled with words not photos, but rather for right here, where dreams are made and crushed in one instantaneous click. The suggestion fell somewhere along the lines of a demonstration that outlines a how to of sorts: dress for “blah” days.  It’s a problem we all fall victim to, right? Blame it on the general notion of feeling uninspired or simply your body begging you to sit down and stop trying to socialize. Regardless, this morning when I woke up I looked out the window and saw hazy, grey, blah. Eureka! Here you have it: dressing for days you will inevitably feel like poopoo.

The science to it is a simple one: take your favorite garments from their respect genres–meaning, favorite top, favorite bottom, favorite shoe, favorite hair implant–and throw it all together. See what you get. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t–and when this happens is usually the best. Still wear it. I have a general affinity for utility anything so that takes care of the blouse, white pants seem to be making all my outfits better this month and these are shoes with a happy story attached. Not much color, no, but there are bracelets. Add glasses if you have them, they bring character to the face and often hide whatever grotesqueness you’re projecting onto yourself. I am particularly keen on these guys because one of my eyebrows is obviously lower than the other and so it peeks into my frame. Still with me?

Joseph blouse, Paige Denim jeans, Alaia sandals, Reece Hudson clutch, Warby Parker glasses

Finally, boogie with your legs. Leg with your boogies. These photos were actually shot about a month ago and meant to illustrate the emulating of a certain someone. Can you guess who? The hint is, she really, really, really likes J. Crew. All photos by Naomi Shon, durrrr.


Topshop Launches A Pink Lipstick Based On Clueless

The ’90s are totally coming back: maxi skirts, round sunglasses, printed pants and everything neon are in style again. But in case you’re the teeniest bit skeptical, Topshop just created a Clueless lipstick, entitled Pink Floro, that you can buy now. A little late, but better now than never, right? As if you’re not gonna buy into the craze: they’re only $TK. Yeah, we’re enablers, but since we can’t exactly afford an Alaia dress, this is the next best thing.

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Sought Out Model: Arizona Muse



The 23 yro model, Arizona Muse, has been asked to be the new face for Estée Lauder. Arizona Muse will represent the beauty giant in skin care, makeup, and fragrance.


She is a sought out model this year! As of 2012, she has 29 runway shows under her belt, having walked for the likes of Stella McCartney and Fendi. Arizona Muse has been featured in advertisements for Chanel, Chloe, Jil Sander, and Yves Saint Laurent in past. She is clearly no stranger to national campaigns!


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