Lindsay Lohan?





Who is that?!


That was my initial thought when I first spotted this photo of Lindsay Lohan!


Lindsay arrived at the amfAR gala at Cipriani in New York City yesterday llooking rather, um…different?


Wearing a white Tom Ford dress paired with Prada pumps, the 26 year old actress looked more like a 60 year old version of herself. It seems like things have yet to turn around for Ms. Lohan, and this is yet another recent appearance among many where she truly looks worse for the wear.


This image caused quite a stir in the office today as it is hard to believe this was actually the beautiful, naturalredhead, that once starred in numerous Disney movies, and had a budding acting career.


If her goal was to premiere a new mature look, Ms. Lohan definitely succeeded, and then some.

We send you our love Lindsay, and one quick tip: fire your stylist!


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  • Vickiejane80

    I first saw this as a thumbnail, and I thought it was Dyan Cannon!

  • Ladyt

    Not good makes her look way way to OLD!!!

  • Gmiley

    SHE LOOKS 60 YEARS OLD what was she thinking??

  • Kristenmacdonald333

    What happened to her face….? She needs to fire her plastic surgeonand drug dealer as well. I actually feel sorry for her.

  • Crystal Roses

    I can’t believe she is 3 years older than me…She looks like she is literally in her 40s

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