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Latest Obsession: Balmain Spring/Summer Sneakers


Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2012 footwear line has me salivating already. Either ribbed or zipped, white or black, they’re made from calf leather and are a hefty $900+. Am I ready to make such a commitment for sneakers? Not likely, but a boy can dream…can’t he?


Is it summer yet?




2011 was the Year of the Bowtie

Harlem restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson collects McKenzie Liautaud bowties

McKenzie Liautaud's embellished bowties


This was the year men’s dandy style got a New York Times feature, and just about every dude at the men’s shows wore a bowtie. Bowties were everywhere from necks to shoes. Click through the slideshow below for a look at our faves including Larry the Downing Street cat’s Royal Wedding-inspired look.


ManRepeller Leandra Medine bowtie via Huffington Post - FlyandMighty
ryan goslin bowtie - Flyandmighty.com
The Kardashian-Jenners all wore bowties for the 2011 Kardashian Christmas Card
Harlem restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson collects McKenzie Liautaud bowties
ManRepeller Leandra Medine bowtie via Huffington Post - FlyandMighty



[photos courtesy of Huffington Post, StreetPeeper, Guerreisms, and Getty Images]


Favorite Fashion Moments of 2011

2011 was full of many great fashion happenings! I thought the best way to represent my favorite moments was with one of my favorite things of 2011…the art of gifs!


How can you not love the epic collaboration of 2011 that was Versace and H&M? Between the fashion show and the advertisements, it was talked about everywhere! Can’t wait for the spring collection!

Of course you can’t talk about the year in fashion without mentioning the Fashion Weeks. They are weeks of fun and creativity! Thankfully next season starts soon!

Anything involving Rick Genest this year was phenomenal. I am so intrigued by who he is! Plus, he was in Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ video! You can’t get much cooler than that!

I love me some Victoria’s Secret angels! The fashion show was glitter-tastic! The response on Twitter was the same! Everyone enjoyed watching the likes of Chanel Iman, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and the rest of the gorgeous bombshells strut their way into everyone’s fantasies!

You either love her fashion choices or you hate them. I actually enjoy them! I think they help express her creativity. My favorite was definitely the Chanel dress she wore to the opening of Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s.

Ah, the Royal Wedding! We all wanted to see who Kate would wear. I think she gracefully made the right decision!

Even though the wedding and marriage was a bust, the three wedding dresses Kim wore were gorgeous! Too bad it was all for nothing!


This year was the year of Francisco Lachowski! He was everywhere! He’s easily my favorite model of 2011.


Zanna Roberts Dons the Sparkle Top

Looks like Zanna Roberts, Senior Fashion Editor at U.S. Marie Claire, chose the right top for the upcoming celebration…NYE!


Are you going to wear something sparkly, or are you going to go against the norm? Tell us in the comments!

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Worst Fashion Collaborations of 2011

Sure, Missoni for Target was awesome — but with a website that didn’t even work, who cares? And did we really need another Kardashian product line? #EnoughAlready. Normally we’re all for designer collaborations, but this year 11 ended up on our naughty list. See them all (and where they went wrong)  right here.


Dylan McDermott Has Swag

Why hello there, handsome! The always-yummy Dylan McDermott took a solo stroll around LA on Dec. 28. Dressed in his casual best, theAmerican Horror Story star looked smokin’ hot (as usual), in his leather blazer, a crisp blue shirt, and slim black jeans.


While I’m majorly bummed that I won’t be seeing Dylan on the small screen for quite some time, I do hope to see Mr. McDermott out and about A LOT more in the new year!


The Male Essentials for a Successful New Year’s

Whether you are partying it up in an upscale lounge or your best friend’s basement we’ve compiled the basic elements to make any New Year’s Eve outfit a hit no matter where you are.


The Blazer
2011 was definitely the year of the dandy so you should end it like one. Open your horizons by opting for an interesting lapel with a different shape or contrasting color. Class it up by going or a white dinner jacket or change it up with a wool or velvet material.


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Most Influential Hair of 2011

Your hair defines you. It’s the first thing people see and often, the first thing that allows them to pass judgment about you, your personality and your style. Many start the year off with a new ‘do and if you’re planning on doing that, we want to know what inspires you.


The Wall Street Journal, according to this article in Glamour, called out Justin Bieber and Emma Watson for having the most influential haircuts of 2011.


I personally think Victoria Beckham (or Posh Spice to those of you born in the ’90s) and Katie Holmes started the “short hair is sexy” trend back in ’08 (which is when I hacked my hair off) and everyone has been jumping on the wagon ever since.


It’s fun to change up your look and it’s a great, quick — and relatively cheap way — to make a drastic change.


Are they the “most influential?” Will you change your hair to commemorate the “Bieber Swish” or the Emma Watson pixie? Share with us!



The Best Street Style Moments of 2011

We’ve rounded up the 11 best street-style moments of 2011 and how to copy each and every one of ‘em. Because let’s be honest, these outfits are so impossibly stylish you’ll wanna be wearing them in 2012 too.


Preppy, punky and chic, all at once. #Impressive

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Brooklyn Blonde should feel downright exalted.

Today, we’re copying her look, piece by piece in our newest feature,Close Up and Copy, where she demos how to wear red jeans without looking like a freak.