Suede’s Project Runway Dress Part 2

Back in October, we showed you a real girl in Suede’s winning eco-challenge dress, which we allowed 150 lucky PR-fans to pre-order. Nicole Donnelly ordered the dress to wear to one of the biggest social events of the holiday season in St. Paul, MN, the annual gala at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts which raises money to help the Ordway Center provide schools in the Midwest with low-cost tickets and transportation to the programs they host. And when she went to the fundraiser, she tells us she got “SOOO many compliments!”
Here’s what the rest of her email said:
SO many women came up to me and asked “Can I ask you a question?”
and I would say, “Yes! it’s from Project Runway.”
And they would say “I KNEW IT!!” and then they would
gush about how amazing the dress was :)
I go to this Gala every year, and I knew I HAD to
have this dress for it this year. It was worth every penny!

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