Bluefly’s Double 0 Dorf Brings You the Project Runway Scoop!

So, at long last I’m back with the latest installment of Deep Throat Part Deux. Yes, it’s me, Mindy Dorf, Bluefly’s resident merchandiser entrusted with the top secret project of accessorizing the Project Runway Finale looks. Since we last spoke, I’ve moved offices — I went from a modest cubicle with nominal privacy thanks to a three-foot partition, to an open seating plan with absolutely NO privacy whatsoever. Which, as you can imagine, made the phone calls from the 6 contestants 3 months before the Finale pretty challenging.
But I managed to conduct discreet conversations, both telephonic and electronic, without giving away too much to my very eager-to-eavesdrop office mates.
The first one to make contact was Jerell – sweet, sweet Jerell. The problem was, the first few times he called I had no idea who I was talking to because he totally garbled his name. Then, when I asked him to e-me so I could figure out who he was, his email address was something generic like cutiepie@aol or something like that. Once I realized it was him, though, we got along great. During filming he was the one who was most accessible to me. He paraded around the office using the hallway in front of my desk as his personal runway. He’s a great guy – I hope he, and all his blinging finery make it big someday.
Next was Suede who was a total pro – knew exactly what he wanted, always kept in touch… I even snuck him into an out-of-town colleague’s office for a secret meeting to look at shoes. We spent like 2 and a half hours together – he was super easy to work with.
Joe was great too. Gave me full breakdowns of what he was going for – really cooperative.
The ladies, well…that’s another story.

I had to hunt Kenley down ’cause she never called – and then when I finally made contact, she let me know I woke her up. Nice start. Months later, the producers randomly put a mic on me and asked me to go down to the workroom to deliver Kenley her shoes. (I guess they knew there may be some drama afoot) As predicted, she totally lost it, was super sassy and dismissed me sight unseen saying she had everything she needed, thank you very much. Nice finish.
Korto wasn’t so responsive either. When we finally made contact though, we managed to fill out her collection with some great shoes.
Leanne was the best of them – the easiest to work with. She ended up picking one style, a Nanette Lepore woven sandal, and using it across the board for all her models. Seems to have been a pretty smart strategy for her, huh?
Overall, I have to say I didn’t connect as much with this season’s contestant. What with Christian, Chris March, et al…things were just a lil’ bit more dramatic. Plus, the producers kept these guys much more hidden from us. Last season, I’d run into Jillian in the bathroom, and we’d chat like old pals. But nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my sideline gig as Agent Dorf – it’s very glamorous to sign non-disclosure agreements and know about things long before my lowly civilian friends!
Sadly, I’m not sure what my future in espionage holds, but ’til then, I guess I’ll stick with my day job! Happy Shopping!



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