Own Suede’s Winning Project Runway Dress

Suede_Project-Runway_Eco-Dress_Natalie-Portman_Bluefly_blog-crop.jpgOk, just so you know how big this is: the Project Runway powers that be usually auction contestants’ pieces so only the highest bidder gets the winning look. We were able to get them to let us hook you up with Suede’s eco-chic frock now for $280. But we’re only making 150 of the dresses… we’re looking forward to connecting with everyone of you PR-Obsessed eco-maniacs!!UPDATE: WE REACHED OUR 150 DRESS LIMIT- SUEDE IS ECSTATIC THAT YOU LOVED HIS LOOK!! SUEDE THANKS YOU (in the third person, of course) FOR ALL OF

2nd UPDATE: Check out Nicole Donnelly all dolled up in Suede’s dress for one of the MidWest’s biggest calendar events!

  • Abourda2011

    why cant i find it on bluefly?

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